Six Highest Paid Foreign languages to Learn in India 

 July 19, 2021

By  Garima Srivastava

The increasing development worldwide is boosting the demands for multilingual talents. No matter what your field of study is, having a language skill boosts your chances of getting a high paying job.

So even you are not studying a foreign language full time getting some training in a highly in-demand language can really bring you great career benefits.

Till a few years back, there were not many places to learn a foreign language in India and the only option left was to join some full-time courses.

But now there is no need to join a full time program in an institute to learn a foreign language in India.

Internet has more than enough resources for you to start learning today. A lot of websites, apps and useful sites are providing free language learning lessons.

Language learning has a lot of benefits too and some can be listed below: -

  • It enhances problem solving skills.
  • Increases creative thinking capacity.
  • Improves verbal and spatial abilities.
  • Improve long and short-term memory function.
  • Improves self-confidence and sense of achievement.
  • Makes a multitasker.
  • Enhances career opportunities and make a job more secure.

Yes, language learning has a lot of more benefits than mentioned above. Also, understanding of your own language will increase more once you start learning a foreign language.

Once you decide to learn a foreign language the next big question is – Which foreign language to learn?

Obviously choosing any foreign language randomly is not a good idea. You should carefully analyze the score and career prospects as well as the difficulty level and your own interest.

Here, I am listing Top six highest paid foreign languages to learn in India that are always in high demand.

Our previous article focused on the top three east Asian language that are highly paid but there are some other European languages are well which are highly popular in India.


About 1.3 billion people (approximately 16% of the world population ) speak a variety of Chinese dialects as their first language. Chinese is spoken in many dialects but, the five most popular and mostly spoken dialects are - Cantonese, Hunanese, Hakka, Shanghainese, Mandarin and Taiwanese. In India, Mandarin is taught at most places.

China and India have a very historical relationship of trade and business, so, Chinese language is one of the oldest languages taught in Indian universities.

China was always hungry for growth and has always wanted to be a superpower. Its import and export business in India is very famous, and a lot of Chinese products are still used here.

Thus, the business needed a lot of Indian people to work in the Chinese manufacturing companies and many rich people of India wanted to invest in Chinese products and markets.

This marked the need of Learning Chinese language by Indians for plenty of opportunities and job requirements.

Chinese language was taught in many prestigious Universities of India like Delhi University or Jawaharlal Nehru University.

It was the most trending and most learned foreign language in India other than English back then and even now it’s demand has not at all decreased. To start a new language learning journey –

  • Starting a detailed research would be a perfect beginning.

While researching keep a few things in mind which is,  the entire curriculum's structure, fees, installments, instructors, materials, duration, extra activities and feedback is must.

  • One shall also keep in mind is to be productive and time consuming as one’s own effort matters a lot in learning.
  • There are certain institutes in India which are famous for foreign language learning programs.

A few sources to learn Chinese from scratch is:

  • YouTube is trending and a lot of YouTubers are teaching Chinese on daily basis. A lot of channels are found on YouTube teaching Chinese and a lot of students are learning too.
  • Online app like Duolingo is designed very interestingly and it’s one of the apps used  to learn Chinese after Hello Chinese. Link
  • Courses on Coursera and Alison are designed significantly and gives Certification too. Coursera Alison
  • There are many Delhi University's college in South and North campus providing three year Bachelor’s program or Certificate or diploma program. Link
  • The Arts faculty of department of East Asian studies has Chinese as their oldest and best curriculums. Link
  • JNU (Link), Jamia Millia Islamia (Link) along with many other colleges provide the same three year Bachelor’s course or diploma
  • Many private institutions like YMCA , Han You Chinese ( Link) provides Certification in Chinese language.
  • HSK exam is a Chinese language examination and it’s one of the most asked exam to foreign Chinese language learner.
  • Thus, a proper research and plenty of time is to be invested while choosing a language and institute.


Korean language has gained popularity at the fastest speed in last few years and currently it’s one of the most popular and in-demand languages not only job and career-wise but also due to its music, movies and drama.

In 21st century The India-Korea relationship is growing much more stronger and productive. Both the countries are supporting and cooperating very well mutually.

One of the most astonishing fact of Korea is that, The current population is approximately 6 million and it has become the 12th largest economy in the world. It is estimated that there are 78 million Korean speakers.

The Hallyu wave, pop culture and dramas have impressed almost each part of Indian youth and people are more interested to visit, work and explore Korea specially during the pandemic.

First step for anyone interested in studying, working or living in Korea should to learn the Korean language. You can learn Korean through self-study, you can join a full-time Korean language program or you can also choose a middle ground and choose a part time course that helps you get TOPIK certification.

Learning Korean language has huge career benefits. You can get jobs in the Korean companies (Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Posco, Kia Motors etc.) in India or even in multinational companies like Google, Microsoft, Oracle that have businesses in Korea. Now a days service sector companies like TCS, Infosys etc. are also hiring Korean language translators and interpreters. You can also make career in the travel and tourism industry, work as a freelance translator or even start your own business (import-export and so on). The salaries in the Koran language field are really attractive and it's really a great language skill to have on your resume.

But, everyone can’t get enrolled in an Korean university and depending upon the age group and time management everyone can’t get access to paid curriculums. There are certain ways in which time can be consumed and learning can be beneficial.

  • JNU (Jawaharlal national University) has the oldest Korean language department in India and is providing BA, MA, MPhil and PhD courses in Korean Language. Link
  • Delhi University also provides diploma certificate courses. The department of East Asian studies provides such programs. Link
  • The Korean embassy, based in New Delhi, also has Korean Language learning program. Check out details here. Seeing the popularity and increasing demand of Korean Language learning in India , the King Sejong university has opened many branches across India for people to learn efficiently.
  • The Certificate Course in Korean by LKI (Learn Korean in India) was launched in September 2020 and in a very short time it became one of the most popular Korean Language courses in India. LKI is the no. 1 Korean language website in India providing well designed Korean language courses (From Level 1 to Level 6) taught by the best faculty in India as well as native Korean teachers. LKI courses have great reviews in Google. The live interactive classes are conducted through Zoom are are especially helpful for people who are working or are school students or doing any other study full time and can't travel to attend Korean language classes. Most importantly, LKI Courses also cover the syllabus of TOPIK (test of Proficiency in Korean) and also provide guidance on scholarships and jobs in Korea.
  • The Scholarships provided by the Government of Korea also includes a free Korean Language learning program of One year. Link
  • Many Korean universities provide scholarships to International students to study Korean literature and culture. Link
  • Some famous websites are providing full Korean language learning curriculum along with study material and TOPIK (Test of proficiency in Korean) preparation. They are Talk to me in KoreanLearn Korean in IndiaTOPIK GUIDE,  Korean class 101, Plenty of Instagram pages and groups run on Facebook from where proper feedback and extra information can be taken.


Japanese is also one of the highly paid foreign language skills in India. As you must already be aware, Japan is a super developed, extra honest and extra magnificent nation. Japan faces many cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes each year  but after each suffering they start their new beginning .

Yes, their country and people are designed in such way and that’s why today Japanese culture has gained a lot of respect for their extra ordinary technology.

Yes, Japanese like Korean and Chinese is also one of the most learned languages in world and Indians are too showing interest from past few years in this language.

The booming economy of these Asian countries have made its language most popular and their demand is increasing day by day significantly. Japanese is also thought in the institutions like:

  • Delhi University which has at least six colleges under it teaching Japanese language. check out the complete details
  • YMCA provides courses in every language and Japanese is one of them. Link
  • Centre of Japanese study in JNU, teaching Japanese. JNU link
  • MOSAI ( Mombusho scholars association of India) which is number One Japanese language trainer institute provides three year language program .i.e., Beginner, intermediate and Advanced Japanese. The course structure is designed by both the governments. Link
  • The Japan Foundation stands neck to neck with MOSAI in providing the excellent learning experience .Link
  • Nihongo Centre provides Japanese language education along with Translation and Interpretation courses. Link

4. Spanish 

This beautiful Country of Europe has the capital Madrid which is Home to many Royal palace and Prado Museum. Thinking about Spain, the first thing which comes to my mind as a Bollywood movie lover is Hritik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Ajay deol starer  “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, where the famous Spanish tomato festival, i.e., La Tomatina is filmed on the song “Ik Junoon” .

The festival promotes entertainment and happiness and allows only use of oranges. There are total 572 Million Spanish speakers in the world out of which 477 million are native, according to the report from Spanish Governments Cervantes Institute. Mexico has maximum Spanish speakers.

Spanish is also one of the trending European languages which was and is in demand. India has a number of good institutions which provides Spanish language curriculum. The few to be named are:-

  • Regular graduation can be done from Delhi University. Link
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University(Link) and Jamia Milia Islamia Link also provides a regular graduation course.
  • English and Foreign languages university has Spanish too in their curriculum. Link
  • Doon university has five years integrated program in Spanish, German and Chinese.Link
  • Diploma and advanced Diploma courses are available at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan Link, New Delhi and Rama Krishna mission Institute Link of Kolkata.
  • Another great institute to learn Spanish in India is Instituto Cervantes, the official Spanish culture center, New Delhi. Link Though the fees is a bit on the high side.

5. German

It is one of the most widely spoken native languages in Europe. It is the western European country with many landscape, forests, river, mountains and beaches. The capital, Berlin is home to art and night life scene.

Germany is famous for its bread, bear, sausages, castles etc. German is one of the most highest paid languages globally. About 185 million people speak German worldwide.

In 2019 data revealed that nearly 25000 Indian students were enrolled to German universities. In 2020 around 15 lakh people started learning German as the additional foreign languages for their respective career and job opportunities.

  • The economic ties between Germany and India is very strong.

Working for Indians in Germany is not difficult as Germany has maximum people who speak English and in schools their English is taught since earlier classes.

  • German is one of the highest paying languages specially for Indians because there is a lot of job opportunities in the sectors like hospitality in Germany, media, senior analyst, travel, tourism , teacher, translator and
  • Talking about one of the most famous German Institute teaching and promoting German language and Culture is-

Goethe – Institut : It is the culture Institute of the Federal republic of

Germany with global reach. It has a wide network of Goethe – Institut, Goethe – zentrums and exam centers. It promotes German language learning abroad.

  • The Goethe-Institut is also known as Max Muellar Bhavan.
  • These centers are in Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.
  • The Goethe zentrums are in Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Rourkela, Trivandrum,  search it accordingly.
  • German can be studied online too with the help of many resources like YouTube videos, online classes, combo offers of study material and exam preparation, pages.

6. French

There are about 300 million French speakers spread around the world and in nearly 30 countries French is an official language either by practice or by law.

In India Puducherry was officially known as the place where there were a lot of French speakers. In order to get a degree in France you need to know basic French for survival and a perfect stay however there are over 1400 higher education programs in English offered in English in the universities their.

Thinking about France what comes in mind is the Eiffel Tower, French love cheese, Croissants, historical monuments and love protests. France is one of the top two producers of wine after competing with Italy.

Paris is one of the world's fashion capital it has many shows, fashion fests, ramp walks and fashion events performed on weekly basis.

  • There are ,very famous,3 centers to learn French in India.
  • The first one is Alliances Françaises : it is the part of French Embassy in India. Link
  • The second one is the French institute in India which is the culture of Science and education service of the embassy of France in India that promotes the language well. Link
  • Third one is the universities teaching French in the French studies department. Link
  • The universities hear enroll students for Bachelors, Masters, M Phil and PhD programs in French language.
  • The French institute in India, known as IFI Jaipur or Jaipur annexe, offers courses and certification in French language and the curriculum is taught by certified teachers and native speakers.
  • The course is accredited by the French Embassy in India and it is under the supervision of Head of cooperation for French Language in India. Link

Thus, learning a language is fun, challenging, demanding but at the same time a lot more beneficial than imagined. Start your journey today as where there is a will there is a way.

To understand how to read and write the Korean alphabet and join our online certificate course in order to fulfill your dream to work in Korea or appear for the TOPIK exam.

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  2. Join our Level 1 online certificate course
  3. TOPIK - The complete guide

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Thank you. 

If you have any suggestions or questions. Comment down below. 

Garima Srivastava

Myself Garima Srivastava, A Dreamer, Believer, Ambivert.
I am Bachelors in Science graduate and a Study in Korea aspirant. Reading, dancing and exploring are a few of my hobbies.

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