Why East Asian Languages are in High Demand in India and What are the Job Prospects 

 July 13, 2021

By  Garima Srivastava

East Asian Languages Growing Demand and scope

The present era youth believes in more exploration, experience and Learning . Thus, their interests are widely growing in certain areas of individual growth and knowledge. The world, its people, its culture, its language and history holds many development phases and what’s more interesting is that we humans are responsible for the growing popularity of certain things on earth for being famous and recognized. Whether it be Japan’s Sushi, China’s Spicy Hot pot, South Korea’s Ramyeon etc. are popular edibles of these countries.

The East Asian countries are much more known for their productivity, hard work, business, economy, tradition, culture, people and places. Illustrating it with a few more facts that 

  • China, the fastest developing economy with wide ranges of business in almost all fields.
  • Japan, the second booming economy with most developed and luxurious technology is gaining all the fame.
  • South Korea being famous for cheap and perfect plastic surgeries, Skincare products and brands like Samsung and LG. Presently, the Dramas and pop culture of South Korea are promoting it’s popularity, culture, language most abundantly.

The thing which is to be noticed here is that I talked about very few east Asian Countries which are recognized by many people in world due their amazing contribution to technology and development.

It will not be fair if having a brief knowledge and understanding of East Asian countries are not involved here. So, these countries covers a large part of the globe, some are fully developed, some are still developing and some are under developed.

These countries are numerous in number with numerous people, languages and culture, also some of them hold a long history. The classification for these countries here mentioned is very varied and not heavily classified. It states that the

  • The East Asian countries are basically categorized into two major and well known categories.
  • One is Indo-Iranian and the other is Sino-Tibetan.
  • The Former has widely spoken languages like Persian, Kurdish, Pashto, Balochi, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Odia, Assamese, Malayalam, Kannada, Sindhi, Punjabi and all other Indian languages.
  • The latter includes Chinese( Mandarin dialect, Cantonese dialect, Minnan dialect), Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tibetan, Burmese, Karen, Thai and numerous languages of Tibetan plateau, southern China, Burma and North East India.
  • There are nearly 4.3billion people in Asia speaking 2,300 living languages.

The more developed the nation is, the more opportunities it has. Exactly, this factor plays an important role in increasing the Demand of Learning East Asian languages. Taking an example of China and its language Chinese :-

  • It is one of the most famous, historic and a language which is taught all around the globe from many years. China has the largest population, people are working hard each day there so, it’s development and booming economy is noticed everywhere. China’s economy depends on export and import business solely.
  • Cheap Chinese products were regularly transported and widely used in India and many other countries. The easy to use, less expensive and duplicate products they sell are regularly traded everywhere now, contributing in its growing economy. Chinese companies, startup people are working world wide and so, they need a lot of people who knows Chinese well.

So here lies the opportunity. Yes, many people have learnt and are learning Mandarin for job opportunities, Carrier growth, promotion, exploration.

The SEVIS report says that there are alone 207,460 Indian students studying and contributing to China for their growth. If the data is factual, then  other countries are off course much more involved and thus, this plays one of the main reasons , Why the demand of Asian Language is increasing.

  • The second most popular and hyped language these days is Korean, yes, The language which was not under limelight back in the days has now become one of the most demanded learning language in India in 2021.
  • The reason behind this, as discussed above is the Hallyu Wave i.e., K-pop and K-drama culture. The technology and Internet have provided shows from all over the world to be watched anywhere with all the comfort and yes, the fact to be kept in mind is that, India has the cheapest Internet. India, also being as one of the developing countries, has their people involved of all age groups with the mobile phone and Internet helps these people to explore a lot of things going around globally.
  • People are much more interested to follow what is trending globally. Thus, the reason for the popularity of Korean culture can be seen in youth most probably as today’s generation people are much interested to watch short episode drama rather than years long Hindi Serials. K- dramas are one such short episodes with extra ordinary lives of Koreans. These dramas depict Korea so well, it’s culture, it’s food, the lifestyle, the technology, the comfort and the imaginary beauty.
  • The K-pop culture and BTS are now globally famous. BTS has promoted it’s country perfectly and is the Bangtan Boys group comprising of Seven members who have become a heart throb of nation. Their music just not earn money but they’re known for their Healing lyrics which has healed a lot of young kids around. Their motto well says to “Love Yourself” which is very important today for the young generation who find it very difficult to prove themselves in today’s competitive era. The Skincare,

Plastic surgery, the tourist spots and the K -pop Concerts have already gained a lot of recognition and thus, South Korea is on top because of its language learning demand in India. Imagine you enter in a country knowing it’s language. You will be treated very differently.


  • Japanese, being the third most common languages in demand these days is solely because of its much more advanced and luxurious technology. The Japanese Animes and Cartoons have already been dubbed and telecasted around the globe making Doreamon and Shinchan famous. The Japanese luxury toilet is very famous because of several electric features involved in it. Everyone loves to enjoy Sushi. Japan has developed most abundantly and so are the opportunities. Knowing Japanese as a language is certainly one of the most Carrier kicking opportunities.
  • The above mentioned three mega Giants of development and their languages are in high demand due to one more reason i.e., their government. Yes, their government gives heavy Scholarships to International students to promote themselves globally. Chinese gives each year a lot of scholarships one of which is Chinese Government Scholarship. The Korean Government , Companies and the Colleges their provide scholarships too a few famous ones are GKS and POSCO. The Japanese government gives the most popular scholarship called MEXT.
  • These heavily funded scholarships provided by these countries also include one year extra program of Language and culture learning. A lot of students each year travel, learn and graduate from these fully funded institutions gaining a lot of knowledge and networking. Scholarships and Students l exchange programs are also the major reasons why students are more attracted and graduate as a language Learner.
  • The global exchange of Students, people and teachers open a wide range of opportunities for people making language learning again in Demand requirement. People in these countries are really hardworking, honest and have a lot of respect for their culture. Many valuable things can be learned from them in exchange of teaching and promoting our own learning and culture.
  • Every business requires people with all areas of knowledge as business these days are working globally, so a person with language skills is in demand. Such people experience a lot of traveling and exploring opportunity.
  • The demand of these languages was, were and will be always in increasing demand as it is Carrier promising. A person with language skills can have opportunities in various domains whether it be Language teacher, translator, transcriber, dubber, MNC employee etc.
  • The youth is traveling and learning lot these days and so the past stereotypes are removed and foreigners are welcomed most warmly and with accepting nature. People thus, don’t find it uncomfortable to travel, live and work in any such countries and so, demands are on hike.
  • India, being at the developing stage needs a lot cooperation from other fellow countries and here lies the mutual cooperation as other countries are accepting and treating Indians without any partiality. The more languages known by us, the more opportunity we get and so the more we grow and learn.


These are a few points of mine, which gives a clear illustration why lies an opportunity to learn East Asian languages. People are more interested to learn new culture and know foreigners and they’re making efforts each day to learn something new , language being the crucial part of.

Garima Srivastava

Myself Garima Srivastava, A Dreamer, Believer, Ambivert.
I am Bachelors in Science graduate and a Study in Korea aspirant. Reading, dancing and exploring are a few of my hobbies.

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