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  • Certification on Course Completion
  • Free Classes for TOPIK Test Prep

275+ 5 Star Reviews on Google

Shreenidhi K
Shreenidhi K
October 6, 2022.
It was a really good learning experience. It was fun, intresting so i really liked it. thanks to Akshita 씨 and Yoon yeobin 씨. I understood their teaching very well. 감사합니다
October 4, 2022.
All the lessons were so clear and well taught. You not only learn to write and read Korean but also learn to speak it correctly. Also you get to watch the recordings if you miss out on the actual class.
Sarayu Narayan
Sarayu Narayan
October 3, 2022.
I did my Level 1 with LKI and my learning experience has been very enriching. The syllabus covered is very comprehensive and you get to learn a lot of important topics in a short duration of time.The classes are well-paced and the homework given really helps integrate all that is learnt in class. The teachers are very kind, accommodating and helpful too, they listen to you patiently and support you with any doubts you have. I had a wonderful learning experience overall and am looking forward to continuing learning Korean with LKI!
Aradhana Singh
Aradhana Singh
October 2, 2022.
I had a great experience taking this class. It's very easy to understand and practical. In every week, I learned new concepts and it helped me improve my Korean a lot. Thank you so much.
October 2, 2022.
Super professional. Absolute value for money. I lovvvvved the experience. Completed Level 1 and can't wait for Level 2 to start.
October 2, 2022.
It's a nice experience for me. I have learned so many things and also get confidence to speak in korean. I am grateful that I joined LKI.
Ashutosh Sinha
Ashutosh Sinha
October 2, 2022.
great teaching
Soumalika Midya
Soumalika Midya
October 2, 2022.
Excellent 👍
aayushi jindal
aayushi jindal
October 2, 2022.
Choosing LKI was a best decision for me as a beginner... The teachers are very helpful, environment is very friendly, also they teach you in very easy and convenient way. If you ever plan to learn korean Or don't know from where to start join LKI

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Course Features and Benefits

Speaking Classes with Native Korean Teachers

We know that it's very difficult to find an opportunity to talk with native Koreans in India. That's why we have weekly communication classes with native Korean teachers in order to improve your listening and speaking skills. 

Preparation for Official TOPIK Certification

TOPIK is is the official Korean language proficiency certificate from Korean government. We will target to cover the syllabus upto level 2 of TOPIK test. 

Scientific teaching methods

Our instructors are experts in Korean linguistics and Korean language education with many years of experience in the field. They use the best teaching methods so that you can learn Korean very fast and effectively.

Homework Evaluation and Feedback

You will get homework/assignments after every class. Submitted assignments will be checked and you will get individual feedback from the instructor.

Private Study Group with Instructor

There will be a private group for each batch where students can ask questions or clarify their doubts directly with teachers as well as communicate with other classmates.

Growth Support

We don't just want you to speak fluent Korean. We also want you to be successful in your career and achieve your dreams. So our instructors do their best to guide you about job and scholarship opportunities based on your skills.

About the Mentor

This course has been designed by Satish Satyarthi. He needs no introduction in the field of Korean language field in India. He is the founder of popular Korean language website TOPIKGUIDE.COM and LEARN KOREAN OF INDIA. He has a Bachelors, a Masters and an MPhil degree, all in Korean language and linguistics. As a KGSP scholar at Seoul National University, his research area was 'Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language'. He taught for 2 years at Center for Korean Studies of Jawaharlal Nehru University. He has done projects and corporate trainings with major Korean and International organizations like Samsung, LG, CJ Media, Metlife, Infosys Korea, KBS Broadcasting, JTBC Channel, Oxford University Press, Indian Culture Centre Seoul and so on. Currently he lives in Seoul, Korea and is involved in projects related to Korean language research and education. He has trained hundreds of students in Korean language from across the world.

Meet Our Team

Yeobin Yoon - LKI Speaking Instructor

Yeobin Yoon

Speaking Instructor

Hello fabulous students! Welcome to LKI! I’m Yeobin Yoon and I am going to be your Korean Speaking teacher. I’m a native Korean currently living in Korea, Seoul. My interests mainly lie in Language, Culture and Good food. (Yup, a foodie for sure.) My main goal is to make you feel confident in speaking Korean. Hope we can engage in some exciting conversations regarding Language, Culture and so on.  Most of all, let’s just have fun!

Akshita Agarkar - LKI Assistant teacher

Akshita Agarkar

Teaching Instructor

Akshita Agarkar graduated from Journalism and Mass Communication while working as a Freelance Content Writer. Currently, she is working with Learn Korean In India as a Content Manager and a Assistant Teacher. She is a Korean linguist and culture enthusiast who loves to read linguistics, listen to old-school music, and jam on it.

Don't take our word for it. Hear it from our Students

Below are some testimonials and feedback from our students on our Google page and some feedback that we received from them through email/feedback forms. You can read more reviews on our Google page HERE


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Best Book to Learn Korean through Hindi

यह किताब हिन्दी-भाषी भारतीय छात्रों को सरल और प्रभावी तरीके से कोरियन सिखाने के उद्देश्य से लिखी गई है। किताब को हमने बोलचाल की भाषा में लिखने का प्रयास किया है जिससे कि ज्यादा से ज्यादा लोगों के लिए समझना सरल हो। मैं और हर्ष दोनों ही कई वर्षों से कोरियन भाषा को सीख और सिखा रहे हैं और उस अनुभव का उपयोग करके हमने इस किताब को भारतीय छात्रों के लिए ज्यादा से ज्यादा बेहतर बनाने की कोशिश की है। हमें पूरा विश्वास है कि इस किताब के माध्यम से थोड़े ही दिनों में आप कोरियन लिखना, पढ़ना और बोलना शुरू कर देंगे।

What Our Students Are Saying


The best part about the course was the patience of the instructor. All the concepts were very well-explained. I think it really helped me develop an understanding of how to go about learning the basics of any language. I look forward to joining level 2 next year. Thank you, Satish Sir!


My opinion about the course is "it finished too quickly" :) it felt like an interesting movie trailer or a k-drama cliffhanger ending. It is a distress that I wont be joining you in level2 but Ill make some saving and see you again in level3. Parts which I liked about the course was: Flexible timing Syllabus of the course Affordable fees and structure of payment Audio files ( listening session) Conversation sessions Video session ( call conversation from k-drama)


This course is definitely worth it for me. Course content, structure, communication, homework all are best for them whom just know some phrases in Korean language and wants to learn this language structure wise. Thank you for all this efforts you puts in this course sir.


I started to learn the language on my own during lock down but always wanted a help from a teacher and that's when i came across Satish Sir's YouTube videos where he explained every grammar aspect with so much ease and they were very understandable. I was hoping if i could learn directly from him and that's when he announced that he is going to start the online course for the learners in India and without second thought i enrolled for the course and that has been the right decision. I really liked learning the course from Satish Sir. The course has been very much helpful. It was bit hard but was really fun and interesting.


It was a wonderful experience with a very knowledgeable teacher who made studying Korean fun and easy. The concepts were well taught and their application well explained. 


This course was brilliant and fantastic. Both the teachers are well equipped with required skills and efficiency. Sir solved and cleared all my problems. Always ready to help anytime. Both teachers are superb and wonderful at teaching. Must go for this course highly recommended one.

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