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 July 10, 2023

By  Uruba Kashish

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This year, TOPIK exam in India will be conducted twice. First on 14th April,2024 and second time on 13th October 2024.

You can register for TOPIK on 29th January 2024 09:30 a.m~31st jan2024.

(First come first serve )

Please keep checking this page for further updates.

Read more details below.

TOPIK exams will be conducted twice a year in India, once on 14th April and then on 13th October.

93rd TOPIK Test will be conducted in April in India at these locations- Delhi, Manipur and Chennai.





9:10 ~ 11:20

12:20 ~ 16:20


 14 April


May 30,(on the official TOPIK Website)

Examination Venues

1. Delhi Exam Centre      :           Delhi University (600 seats only)

2. Chennai Exam Centre :           Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science (100 seats only)

3. Manipur Exam Centre :           Manipur University (100 seats only)

Registration Details

  • The registration for the 93rd TOPIK exam will be completely Online.
  • The form link will be open from 29th January 09:30 A.M. Please note the applications will be on a first come-first serve basis according to the 800 seat limit for the three centers combined.
  • The forms will automatically close at 10:00 am pm on 31st January, the last day for applications.
  • Successful applicants will be notified via email about the payment procedures and other details after their application is successfully accepted. Kindly keep checking your emails from 29th January  onwards as all responsibility will fall on you if you forget to check your emails and miss the deadline.

NOTE: The Link will start working on 29th January- 09:30.AM









  • TOPIK I : Rupees 1200/-
  • TOPIK II : Rupees 1500/-
  • If both : Rupees 2500/-

*If a candidate who has filled the form but fails to make the payment till the due date, his/her application will be considered CANCELLED.

*If there is a discrepancy in the data filled in the application form with the information we receive in the payment forms (will be sent later to the successful applicants), then that applicant’s registration for the TOPIK will be cancelled.

Documents Required for Registration

1. Current passport size photograph in .JPG file format under 200KB.

2. Signature in .JPG File Format under 100KB.

Documents to Carry on Exam Day:

Entrance time: Arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the exam

Candidates should prepare the following materials: Test identification card, ID card, and correction tape/whitener.

Valid ID: Passport, Aadhar ID card etc. (Photo, date of birth, name must be included, and the ID should not have expired)

  • NOTES:
  • Those who want to give both TOPIK 1 and TOPIK 2, must fill both the forms.
  • The details in the form must be filled correctly. Incorrect information will lead to cancellation of the form.
  • Do not fill the same form twice or fill the same form for 2 centres simultaneously, otherwise your application will be cancelled.
  • Once you are registered successfully and have paid the fee, you will be notified about getting your ID slip along with other required information.
  • Application for correction of personal information must be made to the local TOPIK organizing agency within 4 weeks from the date of the announcement of results (errors made by the applicant will not be corrected).
  • Applicants must be careful and take precautions to avoid cheating. (Any complications resulting from cheating or not taking precautions to avoid cheating will be the applicant’s responsibility).
  • The test may be cancelled if there are fewer than 10 applicants in that TOPIK level.
  • Additional applications are not allowed outside the application period.
  • Examination is not allowed at test sites other than the selected test site (you cannot change the test site after submission).
  • For any inquiries, please contact us using the information below:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: 91-11-4334-5000

Check the official website of Korean culture center India for more information on online registration for TOPIK exams in India.

To understand the structure, application process, Levels and Passing scores of TOPIK Test (Test of Proficiency in Korean Language) check these articles: 1. TOPIK – The Complete Guide & 2. TOPIK Levels and Passing Marks.

Download the Previous and Sample Test Paper with answer keys HERE.

Practice mock Test from TOPIK GUIDE site and check your scores HERE. 

For more information and tips for TOPIK exams,  check HERE 

Whether you are going to take the TOPIK Test for the first time or you are taking it again to pass a higher level, we would strongly advise you to get the Complete Guide to TOPIK – Self-Study Package to prepare for the test effectively. It is a digital study package that has everything you need to get a high score in the TOPIK test – all the past TOPIK papers with answer sheets, grammar and vocabulary study material, video tutorials explaining the test structure, strategies to solve them and much more. You can check out more details about this study package HERE.

To understand how to read and write the Korean alphabet and join our online certificate course in order to fulfill your dream to work in Korea or appear for the TOPIK exam.

Please check these pages :

  1. Learn Korean Script Hangeul in 1 Hour
  2. Join our Level 1 online certificate course
  3. TOPIK Test Preparation Course

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Thank you. 

If you have any suggestions or questions. Comment down below. 

Uruba Kashish

Uruba Kashish completed her schooling in Commerce, bachelor's in English literature& Education. Currently doing her Masters in Translation studies (MATS). She is working as a Educational content writer with reputed websites like LKI, Annyeong India & TOPIK Guide. She is a Korean language and culture enthusiast and has been working across multiple disciplines which broadly addresses narratives of similarities between Korean and Indian culture. Apart from being a content writer at LKI, she is a Korean language Instructor at LKI. She manages Annyeong India website as Creative Head and has had her pieces published in TOPIK GUIDE website as well. In her other life, she is a rising entrepreneur, life enthusiast and a learner and is involved with multiple Korean-Indian projects. We are a team of passionate researchers from Seoul National University specializing in Korean language and linguistics. We are committed to helping international students prepare for the TOPIK test. You can connect with us.

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  1. can someone confirm if these dates and prices are correct or not because i couldn't find any such thing on topik's official website

  2. What if we don't get mail for payment ?
    Howuch should we wait for payment mail ?

    1. It depends on whether your form was submitted or not. So please check that once. If you still don’t get the payment link mail, then your form wasn’t submitted.

  3. Do you have any information about registration of 84th TOPIK in India? We have been continuously checking KCCI notice board. But there is no information.

  4. Is 84th Topik exam is happening in India ? somebody please tell me . I looking for Registration but don't know how to Register , please help .

    1. Can someone please confirm the official site from where I can register for the TOPIK 1 2023 which is going to be held in October in India and the procedure for it .

  5. Is 84th Topik exam is happening in India ? somebody please tell me . I looking for Registration but don't know how to Register , please help .

  6. Respected Sir/Madam
    I have a doubt , please name the official site for the registration for TOPIK TEST 2023 in India from where can I register for it and also the procedure. Sir I am very confused as the site and procedure is not clearly mentioned on the platform , I will be grateful .

  7. I’m planning to appear for TOPIK exam October session. When does registration stats from July onwards right? Can you please guide me.

    1. Same. I am also very confused as to where i should register and everything. Did you figure out where we have to fill the form??

  8. When does the TOPIK 1 exam registration start in India? If at least we know the date then we will be better prepared.

  9. I have been in the process of filling details but suddenly it shows like your seats are closed. I’ve started registering at 9:05 but at 9:14 it shows the seats are closed
    Does this happened to anyone?

  10. Actually u people mentioned that the exam is also taken in hyderabad but i dont see and link or any kind information about the center how should hyderabad students should apply? Please help thank you

    1. When the announcement released, be sure to check the centre. I don't know whether the 2024 Topik will be conducted in Hyderabad or not. But even if not, try to apply other centres near you. Don't miss the opportunity. All the best

  11. Can i give TOPIK II directly? I mean … Is there any eligibility criteria for TOPIK II that after TOPIK I.. I will be able to give TOPIK II?

  12. Will topik be held twice in 2024, too? Or will it only be held in October as is rumoured? I would really like to take Topik II in April, or whenever it usually happens, so if it's still happening please give me the details.

  13. TOPIK's official site shows that the registration will start on 13 February Why is the date of registration dates different here ?? Is this site official site to register in india ??

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