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Do you want to study in Korea or work in a Korean company but don't know how and where to start?

Knowing at least the basic Korean language is mandatory to get an opportunity to study or work in Korea, no matter what field you are in. But may be you are in a city where there is no professional Korean language institute or university program available. Or may be you are already working or doing another professional course and don't have to time to enroll in a full time course. Are you trying to self-study Korean online but feel stuck after a point?

We totally understand your situation

Learning Korean Online through self-study is definitely possible but there are limitations. If you are learning Korean just for fun, YouTube lessons and Online Korean sites should be more than sufficient for you. But if you are planning to go to Korea for higher study or for work or even if you are planning to make a career in Korean or Korea-related company in India, it's not easy to reach that level through just self-study. Below are the reasons why -

  1. You don't have anyone to check if you are speaking or writing correctly in Korean. 
  2. You can learn the words and phrases online but if you want to use them to make sentences, you are not sure if they are correct or not.
  3. You don't have material suited to your level to do listening practice.
  4. You can read and write but you don't know how to practice speaking. You wish there was an opportunity to talk with other learners in Korean and if someone was there to correct you when you made mistakes.
  5. Beyond learning Korean, you wish someone could guide you about professional certification in Korean (TOPIK) as well as scholarships and work opportunities in Korea. You don't really know how to proceed if you want to study or work in Korea.

All these barriers can be really frustrating.

We are trying to present a solution to all this through this Korean Language Course 

Certificate Course in Korean - Level 1

This is an online course but in many ways it is better and more effective than even full-time Korean courses at universities and institutes. One reason is that this course is developed and taught by people who are not only top level experts in Korean language but also are passionate about teaching Korean and helping learners like you achieve their dreams.

The course includes live classes conducted in a real-time environment and student-focused communicative teaching methodologies. 

The curriculum, study material and class activities are custom designed for the needs of the students in batch and are continuously monitored and modified as per the progress of learners.

This course is suitable for you if -

  • If you want to make your career in the field of Korean language and want to start with a solid foundation.
  • If you already have or are pursuing a degree in another field but want to improve your chances of getting a job opportunity in a Korean company by learning and getting a certificate in Korean.
  • If you are just in love with Korea, its culture, music, drama and so on and want to learn Korean to explore more.
  • You can read and write Hangul and basic sentences but your listening and speaking skills are not very good.
  • If you are planning to apply to a university in Korea or for any scholarship, having good Korean skills will be a huge help.

This course may not be suitable for you if -

  • If you are not motivated or committed enough to learn Korean and to use it to enhance your career and just want to get a certificate. Let me be very honest with you. Just a certificate is not going to help you if don't work hard and improve your language skills. So join this only if you are really ready to put in time and efforts to learn Korean.
  • If you can't give at least 1 hours on daily basis to Korean study. We will be assigning you tasks like memorizing words and phrases, translating sentences and so on. If you are so busy that you can't even devote one hour a day, it will be difficult for you to keep up with the course. 

Course Requirements Duration & Timings

Course Requirements: There are no prerequisites, anyone who has basic English skills can take the course.

Tools Required: You need a phone or computer and internet connection.

Tentative Course Duration - 10 Weeks (April last week to  - 1st week of July)

Classes per week - 2 Classes (2-Hours Each) Total 40 Hours

Tentative Class Timings for Weekday Batch- Tuesday & Thursday - 7-9 PM

Tentative Class Timings for Weekday Batch- Saturday & Sunday - 7-9 PM

(Exact class dates and time slots will be announced later and they may vary a little. We will try to adjust for everyone's convenience as far as possible.) 

Mode of classes - Online Video Conferencing (Teacher and students participating live through Zoom or Google Meet)

20 Seats Only (first come first served basis)

Certificate: All the students who complete the test, will receive certificate of completion.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The timings can be changed slightly if it suits all the students but we don't guarantee that we can change it.
  • There should be a minimum of 10 students to start a batch. Otherwise we would refund the fees.
  • We reserve the right to cancel classes on any day if required, though in such situation, we will provide supplementary classes.
  • The information available on this page will be final and and will supersede any information available on any other medium.

Start your Korean learning journey with us

How to Make Fee Payment & Join the Batch

You need to follow two simple steps :

1. Complete the fee payment through bank transfer using net banking or UPI apps like Google Pay, PhonePe etc

2. Send us the transaction details or screenshot by email ([email protected]).

*If possible, please mention your name in comment when making transfer for easy verification.

That's it! We will verify the fee payment and confirm your seat.

Bank Transfer through Net Banking/Google Pay/ Paytm/ BHIM UPI

Fee: Rs. 9500 (if paid in lumpsum); Rs. 10500 (if paid in two installments)

[State Bank of India Account No. 39955797034, IFSC Code SBIN0006022 Account Holder - Rohit Raj]

Some other important points:

  • Seats are allotted on First Come First Served basis. Your seat will be confirmed only after you complete the payment.
  • Once seats are full, we will announce the same on this page and we will stop accepting further students.
  • Lumpsum fee - Rs. 9500; Fee if paid in two installments - Rs. 10500.
  • If you want to pay the fee in two installments - First payment of Rs. 5500 needs to be made at the time time of registration and the second payment of Rs. 5000 within 30 days from the class start date.
  • You can contact us on [email protected] or WhatsApp no. 9473650195 if you have any other questions.

Course Features and Benefits

This is the first Korean language course of its kind in India. It's a very innovative program that uses the best language learning and teaching practices.

Speaking Classes with Native Korean Teachers

We know that it's very difficult to find an opportunity to talk with native Koreans in India. That's why we have weekly communication classes with native Korean teachers in order to improve your listening and speaking skills. 

Preparation for Official TOPIK Certification

TOPIK is is the official Korean language proficiency certificate from Korean government. We will target to cover the syllabus upto level 2 of TOPIK test. 

Scientific teaching methods

Our instructors are experts in Korean linguistics and Korean language education with many years of experience in the field. They use the best teaching methods so that you can learn Korean very fast and effectively.

Homework Evaluation and Feedback

You will get homework/assignments after every class. Submitted assignments will be checked and you will get individual feedback from the instructor.

Private Study Group with Instructor

There will be a private group for each batch where students can ask questions or clarify their doubts directly with teachers as well as communicate with other classmates.

Growth Support

We don't just want you to speak fluent Korean. We also want you to be successful in your career and achieve your dreams. So our instructors do their best to guide you about job and scholarship opportunities based on your skills.

About The Course Designer & Mentor - Satish Satyarthi

This course has been designed by Satish Satyarthi. He needs no introduction in the field of Korean language field in India. He is the founder of popular Korean language website TOPIKGUIDE.COM as well as this website. He has a Bachelors, a Masters and an MPhil degree, all in Korean language and linguistics. As a KGSP scholar at Seoul National University, his research area was 'Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language'. He taught for 2 years at Center for Korean Studies of Jawaharlal Nehru University. Currently he lives in Seoul, Korea and is involved in projects related to Korean language research and education. He has trained hundreds of students in Korean langauge from across the world.

Satish Satyarthi

We don't want you to be Good at Korean;

We want you to be one of the best

This is not a marketing gimmick, we mean it. We want you to be the best in the field of Korean language in India. If you have studied with us for 3 months we want you to speak much better and fluent Korean than learners who have studied at any other institute or even a university for 6 months. And we promise that we will make you achieve that. We just need you to commit that you will give your best. If you are motivated enough, and put in your best efforts, we can guarantee that you will be one of the best in the field.

A Course Focused on Practical Communication

In this course, we will focus on practical communication, i.e. speaking and listening, and will learn grammar and vocabulary in the process. The course will  have a lot of practical communication activities and the aim would be to make the learners fluent and confident in communicating in Korean.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the classes be conducted?

The classes will be conducted through video call using Zoom or Google Meet. You will also receive the recording of every class so that you can watch it again if you need to. You will receive complete instructions about how to connect to class beforehand.

Will I receive any certificate after completing the course?

Yes, all the students who complete the course will receive certificate of completion. We will also guide the students for TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) passing which will give you an official proficiency certificate from Korean government.

Do I need to buy any book for the course

We provide all the study material and worksheets required during the course. The study material are custom designed by us for our students. If you want any additional books or material for practice, we can provide you free PDFs from our library. You don't have to pay anything extra for the study material.

How is it different from free lessons on YouTube.

There is simply no comparison. This is a full fledged course with well defined curriculum. You can learn Korean grammar rules and phrases through self study but unless you practice speaking and listening a lot, you won't able to improve your Korean skills beyond a point. This course has a lot of listening and speaking activities, exercises, assignments like a physical class. Our aim is to make you speak Korean as much as possible. The progress of every single student is monitored and recorded and the classes are customized according to your needs. That is the reason we don't take 50 or 100 students but just 15-20. We will keep uploading free lessons on YouTube for learners who just want to learn the basics for fun or as a hobby. But for people who are serious about Korea and Korean language and want to make a career in this field, we would highly recommend this course.

Do I need to do any other course after this?

Obviously you will not become an expert in Korean language in 10 weeks. But yes, you will be able communicate in Korean in normal day to day situations. If you want to take your level further you can enroll in our next level course or you can keep studying more and more yourself. That's totally up to you. But yes, after completing this course, you will have a solid foundation in Korean grammar and vocabulary so even if you self-study afterwards, you will improve your skills much more efficiently and faster.

What if there is any technical issue during class?

We understand that technical issues are unavoidable. There can be an issue due to bad network or software/hardware problem and it can be with any student or even with the teacher. If there is an issue where majority of students are having problem, we will reschedule the class. But if the issue is only from one particular student's side and if we are not able to fix it, we will continue with the class. The student can watch the recording of the class and we will try our best to help if there is any difficulty in understanding any part. 

What if I am not able to attend a class?

The recordings of all the classes will be available, so you can watch it. If you still need help with anything, you can ask the instructor in the study group or during the next class.

Don't Believe our words. Hear it from our Students

Below are some testimonials and feedback from our students who have finished the level 1 course.


We believe in quality, not the numbers. That's why we have decided to take only 20 students. The registrations for the regular batch will automatically close once the first 20 students are registered.

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