Fantasy Words in Korean 

 July 3, 2021

By  Satish Satyarthi

We will take you to the Korean fantasy world today!

I mean not for real. πŸ™‚ But at least through the fantasy related words from Korean language.

if you are a fan of fantasy genre there are the must know Korean words for you.

You can also download these words in a beautiful graphic form from below.

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Fairy μš”μ • yojeong
Mermaid 인어 ineo
Angel μ²œμ‚¬ cheonsa
Ghost κ·€μ‹  guishin
Vampire ν‘ν˜ˆκ·€ heuphyeolgui
Goblin 도깨비 dokaebi
Witch λ§ˆλ…€ manyeo
Magic λ§ˆλ²• mabeop
Dragon 용 yong
Unicorn μœ λ‹ˆμ½˜ yunikon
Deity/God μ‹  shin
Spirit μ •λ Ή jeonnyeong
Soul 영혼 yeonghon
Werewolf λŠ‘λŒ€ 인간 neukdaeingan
Magician λ§ˆλ²•μ‚¬ mabeopsa
Spell 마λ ₯ maryeok
Magic Wand λ§ˆλ²• μ§€νŒ‘μ΄ mabeop japaengi
Fairy tale 동화 donghwa
9 Tailed fox ꡬ미호 gumiho
Fantasy 곡상,νŒνƒ€μ§€ gongsang/phantaji


Satish Satyarthi

I am Satish, a Korean language learner and educator. I did my Bachelors degree in Korean language from JNU, Delhi and Masters degree in Korean Language Education from Seoul National University, South Korea. and an M.Phil. in Korean from JNU. I have a passion for education and technology. I have been involved in Korean language education and research for more than 10 years and have trained hundreds of Korean language learners across the globe, online and in physical classrooms.

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