Korean Language Courses in India 

 May 7, 2021

By  Satish Satyarthi

Korean language has been getting a lot of popularity in India recently, thanks to K-POP, Korean dramas and improving relations between the two countries.

Often people ask us on our Facebook page, YouTube channel or Instagram, where they can learn Korean in India.

So, in this post, I am listing all the major Korean language institutes and universities with Korean language courses in India.

Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi)

It’s the oldest and biggest institution Korean language department in India. Centre for Korean Studies of JNU offers BA, MA, M.Phil. and Ph.D. courses in Korean language. These are all full time programs and you need to devote a minimum of 2-3 years to get a degree in Korean language from JNU. The admission is through all India entrance test and the eligibility criteria for BA entrance is 10+2 or equivalent. If you have the time, this is the best route to make a career in the field of Korean language.

Check – Guide to JNU Korean Language Admissions

Address: CKS, SLL&CS, JNU, New Delhi.

Contact: 011-2674 2575/2676/1557.

Email: [email protected]

Website Link

Delhi University (Delhi)

Delhi University offers two different types of Korean languages courses:  part time certificate and diploma programs through its colleges and full time PG Diploma programs – KF1 and KF2 through its Department of East Asian Studies.

Korean language programs at Department of East Asian Studies of Delhi University

The department of East Asian studies at Arts faculty offers a 1-year full-time PG intensive diploma and a 1-year full-time PG intensive advanced Diploma (KF1 and KF2).

The admission is through the SLAT entrance Test.

Website Link

Korean language courses at Delhi University Colleges

  • Daulat Ram College → Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma programs.
  • SGTB Khalsa → 1 year Certificate program.
  • Shyam Lal College → 2 year Certificate and Diploma programs.
  • St. Stephen’s College → 1 year certificate program.
  • Ramjas College, University Enclave, New Delhi → 2-year Certificate and Diploma programs.

Central University of Jharkhand (Ranchi)

New Korean language departments have been opened at many universities in recent years and CUJ is one of them. CUJ offers full time BA and MA programs in Korean language. The admission is given through the CUCET or CUB entrance tests. Since it’s a new department, the program is not well established yet and we would recommend it only if you are not able to secure admission at JNU or Delhi University.

Website: Link

Manipur University (Imphal)

Manipur University offers Short term certificate/diploma programs in Korean. The admissions is made through entrance test and the eligibility criteria for admission is 10+2 or equivalent. Since it’s a new department, the program is not well established yet and we would recommend it only if you are not able to secure admission at JNU or Delhi University.

Website: Link

Magadh University (Bodhgaya)

Magadh University has also been offering short term certificate/diploma programs in Korean for last few years. But again, the programs are not mature and we recommend it only if it’s close to your home and you don’t have any other options. Eligibility criteria for admission is 10+2 or equivalent.

Programs available:

1-year Diploma – 1

1-year Diploma – 2

Website Link

Korean Culture Centre (Delhi)

They are located in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi and are a really good option for people in Delhi. They offer Part time, Full time and Weekend courses in Korean language.

Website Link

INKO Centre (Chennai)

INKO Centre was mainly established to serve the current and potential employees of many Korean companies operating in Chennai. They offer short term certificate/diploma programs in Korean.

Website Link

There are many other universities that offer short term courses in Korean language, like – Bangalore university, Jamia Millia Islamia, Amity University, Symbiosis, Pune etc.

Apart from that there are King Sejong Institutes in some cities like Patna and Mumbai running short term courses in Korean.

Conclusion and my personal advise:

If you are someone who can invest 2-3 years of your life in learning Korean full-time, I would advise you to take entrance test of JNU, Delhi University, Jharkhand University or Manipur University. These places have a well established department and they have collaborations with Korean government and universities. So the exposure that you will get there will be huge, especially at JNU or DU.

If you are in Delhi or can move to Delhi, Korean Cultural Centre is also a good option for you. But you will have to spend a few hours every week commuting to and from the institute. One disadvantage of their programs, in my personal opinion, is that they are very slow. The lessons are to easy and they cover much less in a level than they should. So if you want to learn at a fast pace and want to be able to converse in Korean or pass TOPIK test soon this is not the best option for you.

There are tens of other short term Korean language courses available at many other universities and institutes but honestly I would recommend them only if you just want to learn the basics as a hobby. But then you can learn that much through YouTube as well. For any serious learner, I would never recommend any other institute.

There are many people who are already doing some other courses or are working and can’t join a university or institute full time. Also there are any people who really want to learn Korean language to boost their career or to study or work in Korea but there is no Korean language course available in their city. We used to get emails and messages from so many people asking where they could learn Korean. I have posted so many Korean language lessons on YouTube and generally I asked them to do self-study through those LKI video lessons, but as a Korean language educator, I understand that it’s not easy for everyone to learn Korean language through self-study. Some times you feel stuck and have questions, sometimes you need someone to check your sentences and so on.

So, for such people we decided to develop and start our own Korean language course. If you have been following my YouTube channel and websites you must be knowing that I am an qualified Korean language educator with a Masters degree in ‘Teaching Korean as a foreign Language’ from Seoul National University and an MPhil degree in Korean language from JNU. I have been teaching Korean to students from all over the world for last 10 years. I, along with my team of other highly qualified instructors, worked on developing a curriculum specially for Korean language learners from India and launched the our first Level 1 Korean language course in September 2020.

The first two batches of our course got full within less than 72 hours and we had to close registrations. Since then we have trained more than 300 students and currently we have Level 1, 2 and 3 courses going on. We plan to have courses up to level 6 for people who want to make a full time career as a professional Korean language translator and interpreter.

Every level of our course is of 10 weeks (approx. 3 months including tests etc.) duration. In the Level 1 course we start from zero and students are able to speak Korean quite fluently in day to day situations and we also cover the syllabus of TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) Level 2. We also have native Korean instructors who do speaking sessions with you to improve your Korean listening and skills. We also guide all our students about study and job opportunities in Korea, scholarship applications and so on.

Our classes are conducted through Zoom video conferencing. Each class is 2 hours long and is interactive in nature. Instructors pay attention to each and every student and make sure that everyone gets a chance to actively participate in the class activities. There are weekday as well as weekend batches and most of our classes are conducted in the evening so that it’s convenient for most people.

You can check the details of our Certificate Course in Korean – Level 1 and comment below or send a mail to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Learn Korean online through our website or check out the Korean Lessons in Hindi on our YouTube Channel.

Satish Satyarthi

I am Satish, a Korean language learner and educator. I did my Bachelors degree in Korean language from JNU, Delhi and Masters degree in Korean Language Education from Seoul National University, South Korea. and an M.Phil. in Korean from JNU. I have a passion for education and technology. I have been involved in Korean language education and research for more than 10 years and have trained hundreds of Korean language learners across the globe, online and in physical classrooms.

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  1. I want to prepare for topik exams on my own..can it be possible to give this exams without joining classes?? And is there no topik exam held in Maharastra ??

  2. I want to give topik exams on my on can it be possible to give exam on my own without classses?? And what stuff should I use to study?? And from where should I buy these books???

  3. Can you tell me in emails the details to study in Korea?? Major subject in chemistry. And also details about scholarship and how to apply. Waiting for your email reply. Thank you

  4. Hello, could you please tell me the address and the contact information for the King Sejong Institute in Mumbai. Thank You.

  5. Hi! I am a graduate currently residing in Bangalore and I wish to pursue a career as an interpreter/translator in Korean. While in University, I completed a beginner’s elective course in Korean. In order to pursue this career, I hear that I need to have a diploma or degree in Korean. As an alumnus of JNU, could you please tell me more about your degree course and whether I might be eligible to apply for the same. I have heard there is an entrance exam that needs to be cleared for admission but I’m not sure of the proficiency level or any other requirements in the entrance test. Could you please help me out?
    Thank you

  6. I guess, there is not any authorized (by any University) Korean language course available in Mumbai…..

  7. I want to learn korean language and culture but there are not available any institute in mumbai. so plese let me know if any institute available in mumbai.

  8. Our company GKB Ophthalmics Ltd based in Goa requires a candidate for our upcoming project in Banda, Maharashtra. He should be a graduate with knowledge of Korean language.

  9. hello sir i want to take B.A(hons) 1st year enterance examination for korean language . can you guide me about syllabus and books and topic that are requared for me to clear the exam at JNU my topics are – common test for three languages chinese,korean,japanese questions pertaining to general knowledge,
    artificial language,language aptitude and general english ….would be covered in syllabus.SIR KINDLY REPLY ME ASAP

  10. Can you please share King Sejong institute address and contact no of Mumbai

    Thanks and Regards,

    Kavya Ganesh

  11. Hi,

    I have studied for 3 years in Korean Cultural Centre and took a break for few months. I have passed TOPIK -II with 4th rank in 2017. I wish to improve my Korean skills by pursuing this language in depth. However I can only attend weekend courses. Does JNU or DU provide weekend courses? Or are you aware of any other institutes excluding Korean Cultural Centre, for the same?

  12. Sir, can I go to South Korea by doing Korean language course? Is it necessary that someone will have to take admission in the university only then will go to Korea?

  13. Hi sir,
    Can I get a online course on korean language from you ? My main motive is to clear TOPIK level 1 and 2 exam. As, I want to pursue my studies in korea. I want a complete course from learning basics of korean language to preparing guide for TOPIK exams.
    Thank you,

    Vishesh khalkho
    Email: [email protected]

  14. Sir I want to go to Korea and I want to learn Korean in India and get some experience so that I can make my career in Korea. Could you please help me with the courses and any colleges rather than delhi

  15. My parents are not allowed to send me delhi and jharkhand but i want degree in korean language what can i do.

  16. Hello Sir, May I get the information about BA (UG) In foreign language and cultural studies in Korean, which university offers this bachelor's courses. Please let me know.

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