5 Things Every Language Learner Shouldn’t Do 

 April 9, 2021

By  Smriti Ekka

To speak a foreign language fluently, you need to engage your mind and your senses. This means that you have to expose yourself to the target language frequently and in different contexts. It also requires a lot of listening practice and not just passive listening. I’ve used and still use various methods for learning a language, including flash cards, memory techniques, and reading. With each of these methods, I've learned many things about what works and what doesn’t work for me.

Foreign students

Learning a new language is a huge challenge. You may find yourself speaking “Hello” or “Thank you” without having basic conversations after having learned thousands of words. So what’s the reason? There are a lot of tips for learning a language out there and many resources available that claim they can teach you how to speak a new language within weeks. This article will tell you about things that you definitely need to avoid when learning a new language, so it will save your time and your efforts.

It’s been said that you should focus on the mistakes you make when learning a new language because there will be many !!! New learners rarely think about avoiding them in the first place. However, to save time and effort while learning, new learners should take heed of these “Don’ts” when studying or practicing a new language.

Things to avoid.

1. NO HURRY !!

You shouldn't rush while learning a new language. When it comes to language learning, most people are in a hurry. It seems as if the target is to talk fluently after "x" hours of learning, but very seldom do you hear about reaching an intermediate level and staying there. The most important part of learning a new language is patience. You have to sit down for a certain amount of time each day to learn the language if you want to learn it properly. The first step is always going to be your hardest since you won't know any vocabulary or grammar, but with proper dedication you will learn your new language in no time! Like any other skill language learning requires polishing over time. 


Being early in learning any language can be very intimidating and self learning can be even more intimidating. The suggestion would be to find FEW reliable resources and stick to it rather than collecting MANY learning resources in order to not miss on anything. Getting confused and making learning a task could take all your energy and time on unnecessary things you might not require at the present stage.

So don't obsess over an unnecessary huge pile of resources and books. Instead focus on two or three reading materials, listening platforms, writing and practice speaking. Keep an online dictionary in handy.


Many students in their early stages of learning try to remember random phrases which they find on Instagram or YouTube. Learning random important phrases will not help you frame sentences apart from the sentences you learnt on the internet.

Suggestion would be to learn grammar patterns with vocabularies instead of random phrases you come across. Learning grammar patterns would help you to frame more sentences naturally. 


You probably know that learning words is not enough to become fluent in a language. You also need to learn how to use them right. Picking up the pieces and fitting them together in a meaningful way, however you can do this better by understanding how grammar works.

Next to reading and listening, the most important study technique is building vocabulary. After all, a language is mostly built from words. That's why it is essential for students to learn not just individual words but also how to put them into meaningful sentences.


Learning a foreign language is difficult. However, language learning can be fun and simple to do as long as you don’t approach it like a task. Tasks are uncomfortable and uncomfortable things are usually just distractions from having fun. When we approach language learning as a task it puts us in a mindset of quitting rather than continuing. And when we quit we get no results or outcome from our efforts which is never what anyone wants to happen.

If you’re studying a new language, you’ll find it quickly becomes a habit and part of your routine. You don’t want the joy of learning to be overshadowed by the frustration brought on by bad habits, so there were some tips for avoiding them.

Learning a new language is easy and fun. But many beginners make the mistake of approaching it as an intimidating task. The secret is finding the right learning material and the right teacher for you. When you’re learning a new language, it can be easy to fall into traps.

Every language learner will tell you that certain things are much easier than they first appear, and other things turn out to be impossible. Thankfully there is no need to learn everything by yourself ! To save time and effort of teaching and scheduling your timetable. Having a teacher surely helps in avoiding those hurdles and learning language efficiently.

This post will detail some of the most common problems in language self-learning situations and how to overcome them.

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Smriti Ekka

Smriti Ekka graduated in Commerce and Library science, and currently she is working as a content writer at TOPIK Guide website. She is a Korean language and culture enthusiast and has been working across multiple disciplines which broadly addresses narratives of similarities between Korean and Indian culture. Apart from being a content writer at TOPIK Guide she manages Annyeong India website and has had her pieces published in Learn Korean in India website as well. In her other life, she is a singer, rising entrepreneur, life enthusiast and a learner.

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