Top 10 universities to learn foreign languages in India 

 August 5, 2021

By  Garima Srivastava

In the 21st century, India has seen a sharp spike in the number of people opting foreign language as a full-time or side skill  due to the growth and career opportunities in foreign language in India.

Although learning languages has been popular in India for many years, it was not promoted in every part of the country or among a certain range of people and areas as people were not much aware of its benefits.

But now due to the penetration of the internet and the availability of information and resources, people are becoming more and more aware about the benefits of learning foreign languages and career scope in India. 

Best universities to learn foreign languages in India

Language learning involves several paths and can be completed within a certain range of time depending on the course opted for. There are basically four to five courses practiced in top ranked Indian universities which are: -

  • Bachelor’s degree program and certification.

  • Master's degree program and certification.

  • Diploma program and certification.

  • A certain range of months learning and certification.

  • One can opt for PhD programs after completion of Bachelors and Masters degree programs in a certain language.

Through these particular and organized series of learning, one can get a recognized and valid certificate from top universities in the language of your interest.

  • The Bachelor’s degree is a three year degree program which is to be taken in consideration of learning after the senior secondary (Class 12th) education. This marks the graduation degree.

  • The Master's degree is obtained after the completion of bachelor's degree in a particular language. It comprises two years of learning, and it marks the post graduation completion.

  • Then comes the PhD program which is taken after the completion of Masters and bachelors program. The completion of a PhD program depends from person to person as it can be completed within three to five years and so on.

  • There are some universities too which provide a combined bachelors and Masters degree program of four to five years.

The above mentioned programs are popular ones as they involve proper learning and in depth knowledge in a particular language stream.

There are few short-term programs which involve less time, learning and certification.

  • The diploma program which can be a year or two or even six months also provides learning and certificates.

  • The certificate course programs which basically involves proper certification with less time and learning.

If language learning seems to be one's best career choice in which a person has interest and is eager to learn with proper dedication, perseverance, and time, then that person should start his/her journey after completing the senior secondary school education or after 12th class.

One shall definitely opt for a Bachelor's degree program instead of some short term courses.

As Bachelor’s degree program provides benefits like- 

  • It is only offered by a well-known University and awards standard degree of learning.

  • The well-known universities are highly recognized internationally and thus to pursue higher education or be eligible for most of the jobs and Scholarships, it is essential to get a UGC or AICTE approved universities’ degree.

  • Most private institutions demand high fees but universities provide an affordable fee structure.

  • There are certain activities provided by universities which open broad opportunities to students. They organize regular events, exchange programs, scholarships and visiting programs.

These benefits are enough for one’s career without any if or but circumstances. The best universities which offer the best degree programs are:- 

  1. School of language, literature and culture studies at JNU offers ten different Bachelor’s degree programs in languages like Chinese, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and many more. For Admission here, an entrance exam must be taken. JNU has been one of the most prestigious and well known universities for many decades.

  2. Jamia Millia Islamia , in New Delhi offers courses in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Korean and many more.

  3. Delhi University's foreign language program is known to be offering quality education and learning which is appreciated, recognized and well known internationally with high demand. It has German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese in it’s language learning curriculum. There are many colleges affiliated to Delhi University which also provides language learning degrees for short term Certificates.

  4. English and Foreign language university, Hyderabad is one ideal university which is only meant for language learning programs. It’s faculty, curriculum and overall learning is focused and being the only university dedicated to language learning it’s well known. 

  5. Doon university language courses  offer degree programs in Chinese, French, German, Spanish etc.

  6. University of Mumbai also offers language learning courses, a few to be named are Spanish, German, French.

  7. Aligarh Muslim University language department is known to offer courses in Spanish, French, German, Arabic.

  8. Central University of Jharkhand also offers a few language courses and has recently gained recognition for its Korean Language course and curriculum.

  9. Amity University language courses, situated in Noida, New Delhi, Amity is one of the well known branded institutions in India giving language programs in Spanish, German and French language.

  10. Banaras Hindu University is also a very well known and precious university. It also offers several language programs including Spanish, French German and Chinese.

The courses offered by these universities are the three-year Bachelor’s degree program, two years masters degree program and PhD programs.

Also a few of them include short term certification and diploma courses. They conduct several entrance exams for the admissions in their department.

Learning a language in the present time can open a variety of opportunities and provide high perks in jobs and career growth. It can be difficult sometimes to choose language as a career but being persistent is only the way to learn anything.

After all what matters is whatever you choose for your career and future, no matter what, you have to give your hundred percent to succeed in it, or else every course in every field offers both pros and cons in it.

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If you have any suggestions or questions. Comment down below. 

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