10 tips to learn any language fast and effectively 

 July 19, 2021

By  Smriti Ekka

Learning a new language is not an easy task in this busy lifestyle. It requires time, and hard work to memorize the language, its structure and spelling, to achieve the goal.

Some people have multiple jobs or take additional classes, so it takes longer for them. If you feel your time is limited and you want to learn a language fast and effectively, there are various methods that you can implement into your daily routine.

In this guide we'll give you advice on how you can learn languages faster even if you think you've hit the plateau of what your current study system is doing for you.

1. Find your motivation.

The first tip would sound obvious but most crucial. You have to have a goal in your head for which you're learning a new language. If you don't have any specific reasons to learn a new language. You might find it hard to stay focused in the long run. Wanting to impress and learning as a hobby is fine until you find yourself growing but not fully able to master it. Find your motivation. It's crucial to commit.

2. Keep it relevant.

Have an achievable goal and aim for it. Whether your goal is to reach an intermediate level of fluency or being able to hold casual conversation in daily life. You should focus on resources needed to achieve those goals in a limited time. Talking to people also helps in making the language journey seem relevant.

3. Learn the basics from proper sources.

Learning a new language can seem intimidating. There are lots of language-learning resources out there. But how do you know which ones to trust? There is a lot of good stuff on the internet but most of it is in the form of blog posts written by amateurs.

The first steps are the most crucial ones. Invest a good amount of time and energy in clearing the concept of any language, starting from the basics, alphabets and pronunciation.

The biggest obstacle to most people learning a new language is the time and effort required, choosing good learning resources or online/offline courses can help you overcome this step. 

4. Immerse yourself in the target language.

It is possible to learn a language in a very short period of time. If you want to learn fast, you should immerse yourself in the target language.

That's one of the fundamental things you need to do when on your way to speak a foreign language well. The idea is to surround yourself with it so that your brain will absorb it naturally.

Language-learning experts agree that absolute immersion is one of the most effective ways to learn a language. If the language sounds are heard in nearly every aspect of daily life, then one's listening comprehension will increase rapidly and the ability to speak and write will improve as well.

Live a language, don’t study it.

5. Make native friends.

If you want to learn a language fast and effectively, it’s best that you surround yourself with native speakers. This is the best way to learn a language, hands down.

What if you don’t live in the country where you want to learn a language? How can you immerse yourself in that language without moving to that country?

The solution to this would be, to join online discord or Facebook chat groups and use Language exchange platforms like Hi Native! and Hello Pal to talk to the natives. There are several language exchange apps to try.

6. Consume entertainment in the target language.

Watching TV is a common recommendation for language learning. You’ll definitely get more exposure than when you only listen to music or podcasts in your target language.

When you watch movies or TV shows in your target language, you are not only being exposed to the theme of the movie, but you’re also getting feedback from the plot, the context, and the characters.

If you pay attention to how each character speaks — even if they happen to be on-screen for less than five seconds — you will start picking up on grammar and vocabulary that native speakers use every day. Plus, it’s fun! Who doesn’t love a good movie ?

7. Listen to music.

Most of the people who learn a foreign language understand the importance of listening to music. It is one of the hobbies that every human being does and music and its benefits are amazing. But before we go in depth, let's review some basic information about it.

Listening to music in a foreign language is a great way to learn. It improves your listening skills. Many times you understand 80 % of it even before learning the language, just from reading along.

This happens because we are so familiar with our own language. When we encounter an unknown one, we find patterns that we can recognize, and these help us move forward. But to be able to do this the level of difficulty must be lower. 

Listening to music doesn’t have to be a passive activity. It can be an active way to build your foreign language skills while you’re having fun at the same time.

8. Make listening to podcasts your habit.

Most of the people who learn a foreign language understand the importance of listening to audio podcasts. Podcasts have become a popular method for listening to talk shows.

This is particularly advantageous for language learners because of the variety of topics they touch upon. They are ideal for adding to your language learning routine because they are on-demand, and easy to keep up with once you find a good podcast channel you enjoy.

If you don't have the budget to go somewhere, you need to spend more time on language and listening. The best way is to choose a podcast in your target language and listen to it daily for 1 hour.

9. Read children Stories.

I’m sure that you've heard, stories are great tools for language learning. They give you an opportunity to practice your listening comprehension skills, and hear a new language with proper pronunciation. If you are learning a foreign language, starting to read any children's book would be fine.

10. Leave your comfort zone.

Last but not the least. You have to move out of your comfort zone in order to learn a new language and have experiences. Anybody can learn a new language in a short period of time if you put yourself out of your comfort zone.

The key to successfully learning a new language is to understand the ways in which you learn and focus on your weakness. Overcome your fear and go out and talk to native speakers. Travel and collect experiences. It might be troublesome for few but the end result is always rewarding.

Time flies by so fast. You can say that it is getting harder and harder to learn another language as you get older. Of course it is especially true for adults, but even for young people, because they have their study, social and work commitments to fulfill as soon as they finish school.

After all, the reason why we want to learn a new language is travel or work reasons, and sometimes even both. However there is a way to learn a new language fast and effectively which also suits your busy lifestyle.

If we for a moment imagine that you are planning to learn one foreign language. Then, knowing how to learn that language faster and more effectively, will be an essential part of your success. 

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Smriti Ekka

Smriti Ekka graduated in Commerce and Library science, and currently she is working as a content writer at TOPIK Guide website. She is a Korean language and culture enthusiast and has been working across multiple disciplines which broadly addresses narratives of similarities between Korean and Indian culture. Apart from being a content writer at TOPIK Guide she manages Annyeong India website and has had her pieces published in Learn Korean in India website as well. In her other life, she is a singer, rising entrepreneur, life enthusiast and a learner.

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