How to study Korean from scratch in 2022? 

 May 1, 2022

By  Akshita Agarkar

Let me guess? Pandemic got you into watching Korean dramas, movies and K-pop. And now you are addicted. Learning Korean is at the back of your mind, but you haven’t really begun with it or might not know where to hit it from.

If this sounds like you, then we have curated a valuable list of tips and useful resources that will help you start your learning Korean journey. 

How to study Korean from scratch in 2022? Learn Korean in India

How to study Korean from scratch in 2022? Learn Korean in India

1. Learn the Korean script 

One should at least start studying the Korean script, known as Hangeul (한글), on their own without taking any classes. Even if you join any institute, it’s better to master the script first. 

You can visit the Hangeul learning page on our website wherein we have provided everything about Korean characters. If you are somebody who wishes to go slow with your learning, commencing with our 15-Day FREE Hangeul course is the option for you. In this course, you will receive 4-5 characters each day for 15 days in your inbox.

Besides that, we will also show how these characters are formed to make syllables. After 15 days, you will be able to read and write Korean words. Now the next resources are for the ones who would like to learn the script in Hindi and at once.

You can watch these YouTube videos on our channel that is divided into part one & part two. The script has been explained in detail and has two parts to it.

The following videos are for those who want to study in English. There are a total of 5 videos through which you can learn simple consonants, aspirated consonants, double consonants, simple vowels, and complex vowels. Sit and study calmly. Try to write and practice the pronunciation well. 10 minutes everyday for 15 days are enough for the ones who want to learn slowly. While others who are learning at once, will be able to get it done in a day or two. 

For the people who have just graduated from high school or enrolled themselves in university, you feel an inside urge and passion about the Korean language and would love to make a career in this field. Then you should go for full-time courses like Bachelor of arts in Korean language available in JNU, Jamia Mila University, Manipur and Jharkhand University.

There is a diploma course available in Delhi University as well.

Check all the details on their official website. Now if you are somebody who doesn't want to devote full-time to Korean but still wants to learn it side by side with your degree. For such individuals, the TOPIK exam will be the best option.
TOPIK stands for Test of proficiency in Korean language. This certificate is world-wide recognized. LKI also takes TOPIK classes for its own students who wish to appear for the test. 

2) Learn beginner grammar

Now that you are done with Hangul, we think you should hop onto the basic grammar. We have a youtube playlist made for you. This will teach you about the beginner Korean grammar from the Seoul National University's level 1 book. If you don’t know, SNU is the top university in Korea. 

We also have our online courses, level 1A and level 1B, level 2 and level 3. We are going to come up with level 4 soon.

To conclude, we would like to advise you to only start learning first, planning comes later, while learning comes first. All the best with your first lesson with us!

To understand how to read and write the Korean alphabet and join our online certificate course in order to fulfill your dream to work in Korea or appear for the TOPIK exam.

Please check these pages :

  1. Learn Korean Script Hangeul in 1 Hour
  2. Join our Level 1 online certificate course
  3. TOPIK - The complete guide

If you are going to appear for the TOPIK test or just need a boost in Korean language we would strongly advise you to join our online certificate course. One reason is that this course is developed and taught by people who are not only top level experts in Korean language but also are passionate about teaching Korean and helping learners like you achieve their dreams.

If you're new to Korean language we would advise you to buy our KOREAN LANGUAGE FOR INDIAN LEARNERS book available on Amazon and Flipkart. Also available on Kindle.

Thank you.

Akshita Agarkar

Akshita Agarkar graduated from Journalism and Mass Communication while working as a Freelance Content Writer. Currently, she is working with Learn Korean In India as a Content Manager and a Teaching assistant. She is a Korean linguist and culture enthusiast who loves to read linguistics, listen to old-school music, and jam on it.

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