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They say about this course

I am really fascinated with Korea, its language and culture. I had learned some phrases and words but never put in efforts to learn the script. I just enrolled for this free email  course for fun and gave in 5-0 minutes daily and within 15 days I am able to read and write Korean. I can't believe it. I think it took me more time and effort to learn the alphabet of my mother tongue.

Pratibha Sharma

University Student, GKS Aspirant

I wanted to join the level 1 of course the LKI but I was not really sure it learning a foreign language is my thing. So I took this email course just to challenge and test myself. Now I am more confident and motivated to learn this beautiful language. Would recommend to anyone who is just starting.

Mahip Gill

Software Engineer

About The Course Designer & Mentor - Satish Satyarthi

This course has been designed by Satish Satyarthi. He needs no introduction in the field of Korean language field in India. He is the founder of popular Korean language website TOPIKGUIDE.COM as well as this website. He has a Bachelors, a Masters and an MPhil degree, all in Korean language and linguistics. As a KGSP scholar at Seoul National University, his research area was 'Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language'. He taught for 2 years at Center for Korean Studies of Jawaharlal Nehru University. Currently he lives in Seoul, Korea and is involved in projects related to Korean language research and education. He has trained hundreds of students in Korean langauge from across the world.

Satish Satyarthi

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