South Korean Companies in India – Background and Opportunities 

 September 1, 2021

By  Garima Srivastava

Learning a language comes with plenty of opportunities. A lot of people struggle to choose which foreign language to learn. One very important criteria when selecting a foreign language to learn is the economic status of that country and its economic relations with India. You should how many big companies of that country are operating in India, as the career opportunities after learning that language would depend on that.

When it comes to Korea and Korean language, fortunately, we have a  flourishing diplomatic and economic relations and many Korean brands are household names in India. You can find Samsung phones, LG TVs and Hyundai cars even in small villages in India. 

In this article we will have a look at the background of South Korean companies doing business in India and we will also see what kind of opportunities Korean language learners can expect after learning Korean. 

South Korean Companies in India

The 21st century globalization is demanding all sorts of interaction and multilingual talents are playing a very important role for proper communication and understanding. 

So, Korean language enthusiasts, let’s begin with a brief history of South Korean products and their demand in India.

People are definitely aware of South Korean companies in India, especially after the Hallyu wave and pandemic. They have figured out companies like LG, Samsung, Hyundai, etc.

Also they have been familiarized with the information that the Blockbuster video game PUBG (Player’s Unknown battleground) also belongs to a Seoul based South Korean company called Krafton.

Yes, companies are being recognized now a lot more and this marks the way for plenty of opportunities. 

Hyundai motors is presently the second largest Car manufacturer and one of the leading car exporters in India.

POSCO is another steel Manufacturing company and also, it provides the famous and beneficial fully funded scholarship called POSCO scholarship, which intakes every year many  international students who dream to complete their study from prestigious South Korean universities and later work with South Korean companies.

Getting this scholarship has become difficult now, as benefits come with competition and a lot of people are applying each year for the same. They have to pass more than one round of interview which is mostly preferred in Korean and after the process of interview, candidates are Selected. So, your Korean language skill is valued here and you’re definitely going to be paid for your language skill.

Kia Motors is another famous South Korean company, which is a car manufacturer. Recently Kia motors entered Indian market and launched  its first car 'Seltos, manufactured in India, and it was a big hit. The company is starting new manufacturing plants in different parts of the country and it will generate a lot of employment opportunities.

Lotte Corporation, the fifth largest Chaebol (Korean word for large family owned business) and a multinational conglomerate corporation of South Korea  is really a very popular company in India. The corporation is involved in food production, shopping and other investments.

Cheil India private limited , a marketing company under the famous South Korean Samsung group has its headquarters in Gurugram , Haryana and was established in India in 2003. This marketing company manages  digital Marketing, advertising, public relations, shoppers marketing, sports marketing and many more.

Shinhan Bank, a South Korean bank in Delhi is another example of the companies operating in India.

The above mentioned companies are those which are gaining recognition now and are yet to be discovered by many people, so a brief introduction is mentioned for the same.

Talking about the two most famous and superior companies of South Korea,i.e. LG and Samsung, which occupied almost major parts of the Indian markets for their extraordinary performance, service, durability and affordability.

Back in 2003, when I was still a child, there came the first mobile phone at home (as landlines were then operated in most of the Indian cities) which was from Samsung. Later, I discovered that a lot of my household products were from LG and Samsung. I had no idea about South Korean or even Indian companies at that time, but these products were definitely top-notch for me. As a child, I could not only see it at my house but also at my friends house. My entire neighborhood had one or the other products of these companies back then.

This clearly states that all the middle class families could afford those products easily and that’s why they ruled the entire market and became successful as India’s largest portion of population belongs to middle-class.

Now, in 2021, the products of these companies are ruling the lower-class, middle-class and upper-class houses.

LG was first established in India in January 1997 . It was declared to be Number 1 according to “ India’s most attractive Brand Report- 2016”. The brand manufactures electronics, home appliances ( Refrigerator, Air conditioner,  TV, Washing machine) and Smartphone. Currently Smartphone manufacturing in India is stopped by LG.

Samsung, originally was a grocery trading store when discovered in South Korea by Lee Byung Chull in 1938. Then, after more development it started manufacturing electronics, appliances, digital media devices, Semiconductors, memory chips and Integrated systems. It produces fifth of South Korea's total exports.

Now, It has two Research and development Institutes that work on expanding the company's  technology line. The Galaxy Smartphones of Samsung are much popular and in demand now.

The  home appliances of these companies are widely used in India and so they’re now also ruling the Indian markets.

There are also few Indian companies working well and are well recognized in South Korea like Tata consultancy services, Reliance, State bank of India etc.

All these Korean and Indian companies need people who know Korean, English as well as an Indian language. No matter where you are in IT, HR, Medical, Design, Fashion or Engineering, if you have Korean language skills listed on your resume, your chances of getting a high paying job in a Korean company are very high. So, learning Korean language will definitely give you an edge in terms of career opportunities.

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Thank you. 

If you have any suggestions or questions. Comment down below. 

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