Top 5 Korean Variety Shows You Must Watch as a Korean Learner 

 February 5, 2023

By  Uruba Kashish

Top 5 Korean variety shows you must watch as a Korean learner. All this variety shows have their own significance, which is going to help you not only in your Korean language but also give you the idea of Korean tourism, Lifestyles and Korean culture.

Run BTS ( 달려라 방탄)


"Top 5 Korean Korean variety shows" cannot be more interesting, if we don't start with BTS' own variety show called "RUN BTS". This show is already known by everyone as it's the variety show of BTS in which they complete task and compete and it's a great resource to boost your Korean language and can work as a great motivation if you are a BTS ARMY like many other Korean learners.

Running Man (런닝맨)

Running man korea

In the top "5 Korean variety shows" this is one of the most popular Korean variety shows and is great for language learners because it features a lot of conversations between the cast members. The show also features a variety of games and challenges.

Knowing Brothers (아는 형님)


Third on the list of "Top 5 Korean variety shows" called KNOWING BROTHERS. This show is known for its funny conversations and skits. It features a variety of celebrity guests and the host are always asking questions about their life and career. And it can be a full package for you all to make a list on career and lifestyle related vocabularies. 

2 Days & 1 Night (1박 2일)

2days &1 night

Again, "Top 5 Korean variety shows" list cannot be completed without this full fun and Korean culture packed show called "2 DAYS & 1NIGHT"This show features a variety of activities and challenges that are done in different parts of Korea. It's great for language learners because it allows you to learn about the culture and customs of different regions of the country. 

New Journey to the West (신서유기)

  • Last on the list of "Top 5 Korean variety show" but worth of watching to learn about tourism,travelling culture. This show follows a group of celebrities as they travel around Korea and take part in various challenges. It's great for language learners because it features a lot of conversations between the cast members.
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