Tips on how to apply to a Korean University 

 October 26, 2021

By  Garima Srivastava

As the GKS Undergraduate scholarship application is opened and soon the Graduate applications are going to come, here this article will help you to apply to the best Korean Universities through certain procedures and tips.

If you want to do a Masters or PhD in Korea. Irrespective of what major you want to do, the process is the same for every subject. Whether the subject is available or not, you have to check the details of the universities and majors.

You can check them at

GKS Graduate scholarship 2022

Dear study in Korea aspirants,

Choosing university and course is really important. It requires a lot of detailed research but also applying for the same basically involves smart work. It needs proper attention, planning and money.

Like India, South Korea also has a lot of famous and top-notch universities. Also, some universities are famous for their fabulous courses and this fact must be kept in mind when you apply. Also, you need to have money and start saving up for it.

I, myself, applied last year and so, maybe my experiences and mistakes will help you learn and apply with better chances of selection. 

The first step involves the selection of the course you want to do. South Korea is the best place to learn the Korean language, Korean lifestyle and makeup, study science as it is well equipped with advanced research and development apparatus, Study business and a few engineering courses which are not available in India.

I have seen people planning to go to South Korea to Study English and that’s not at all the right choice. So, choosing the course is really important. After choosing the course, start reading some necessary articles to see the future requirement of the course and opportunities for growth and jobs in it.

Choosing the university is the next main step. The GKS has Type A and Type B University and both these types have a total of 60 universities approximately.

You need to mail each of them and confirm whether your course is available in your preferred language and does it come under the GKS scholarship. Yes, this was the most difficult in my case and emailing all of them was really tough.

Let me tell you what I did. I got a friend from a social media group where I was enrolled for GKS related information and fortunately she was applying for the same program as mine. So, get yourself enrolled in social media groups and start interacting. We both divided the university into half and likely she mailed thirty universities and I mailed the rest thirty left.

Also, this was an example, you don’t need to mail all of them and so while researching sort out your dream universities from both the types.

Emailing the university and the respected person involved is a really important thing and the email writing must be done in a very professional way. Make sure to write a short and precise email.

The email is informational so greet properly, ask to the point, be clear, sound more calm and humble. Writing just one short paragraph will be perfect. Wait patiently for the reply. If the university doesn’t reply to your email, you must know what sort of university it is and go for another. You can also send a follow up email just to confirm the response.

Also being very honest, the respective Korean university’s people who manage to reply to the concerned email, manage the entire application procedure and interview people for GKS are super humble and very helpful. Just give them time as they’re really busy.

They'll guide you and help you out in every way possible because my experience was very good with them.

If the university confirms each of your information related to your course and you find it helpful then go for it. Also, don’t email them many times and try finding out each information through the university website.

Don’t send unnecessary and foolish sort of mails or don’t ask for any such information. The person reading and replying to your email can play an important role in your selection, so leaving a good impression is really important.

Also, based on your research and area of interest you can email the respective professor by going thoroughly through their profile. If you’re lucky enough to get a reply from him/her and if he/she finds you Worthy of it, maybe you can get in via their support and offer letter. If Till here, your doubts and further queries are solved, your half smart work is done.

Now, the gathering of documents. Go to the respected universities’ document requirements and check it very properly. Try staying positive and motivated here because this is really troublesome. You need to go to the university, apply for your transcripts and get your major extra curricular certificates.

Don’t forget the Recommendation letters needed and choose the best recommenders, who know you well and can write easy and good English. This one is easy though.

The tougher part is going to the government organization and getting your documents appostiled or notarized. This shall be clear as you need to check whether your University is okay with notarized documents or apostille ones are needed.

The most important thing is getting your birth certificate and passports ready. Both of these things are necessary. It will take time, so apply for it very soon. 

Check on the social media groups and ask any information needed. The fellow applicants will surely help. After your documents get ready, fill the forms very carefully and attach your notarized or Apostilled documents.

Attach authentic documents. Any fake one’s will not only shatter your chances of selection but can have severe consequences. Put the documents in order as stated in the application form and send it via courier services. Don’t wait for the deadline and send it as soon as possible.

Further procedure is easy. When your documents reach the university and you pass the document checklist, then your interview via Skype or Call is scheduled. If you pass the interview round and get selected by the university, then your documents are send to NIIED (National institute of international education), the organization which is actually responsible for granting the GKS scholarship.

After the NIIED's approval, you will have to give your medical tests and then apply for Visa.

I hope this article was helpful. This one is dedicated to all the strong aspirants, who are working hard for this golden opportunity. Just be positive and believe in yourselves. You will have to run here and there a lot for things to get done. Do your best and give your 100% . Getting selected is not in our hands but applying sincerely is in our hands. Apply with all your heart and mind so that later you should not regret on your part.

All the best pretty learners as the entire application process will teach you many things. The procedure of applying is itself a lesson full of ups and downs and you will learn many things during this.

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Thank you.

Garima Srivastava

Myself Garima Srivastava, A Dreamer, Believer, Ambivert.
I am Bachelors in Science graduate and a Study in Korea aspirant. Reading, dancing and exploring are a few of my hobbies.

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