Most Common Korean Expressions / Greetings 

 October 8, 2017

By  Satish Satyarthi

In this lesson, we will learn the most basic Korean greetings and expressions that you can use in everyday life.

  1. 안녕하세요 – Hello ( Annyeong haseyo. )
  2. 저는 ( 이름 ) 입니다 – I am ( your name ). ( Choneun ……. ibnida.)
  3. 만나서 반가워요 – Nice to meet you. ( Mannaseo bangaweoyo.)
  4. 감사합니다 – Thank you. ( Khamsahabnida. )
  5. 미안해요 / 죄송해요 – I am sorry. ( Mianhaeyo/ chwaesonghaeyo.)
  6. 안녕히 계세요 – Bye ! Please stay well. ( Annyeonghi khae-seyo. ) ( When you are biding farewell and the other person is staying. )
  7. 안녕히 가세요 – Bye ! Please go well. ( Annyeonghi kha-seyo. )( When you are staying and the other person is biding you farewell. )

Satish Satyarthi

I am Satish, a Korean language learner and educator. I did my Bachelors degree in Korean language from JNU, Delhi and Masters degree in Korean Language Education from Seoul National University, South Korea. and an M.Phil. in Korean from JNU. I have a passion for education and technology. I have been involved in Korean language education and research for more than 10 years and have trained hundreds of Korean language learners across the globe, online and in physical classrooms.

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