Benefits of Learning Korean in India in 2022 

 January 30, 2022

By  Smriti Ekka

Nowadays it is extremely popular to learn a new language. This can be because of advanced technology, an increased need for communication in the global marketplace, or simply the joy of wanting to learn a new skill or hobby.

Many people take languages for granted and do not think about how learning languages opens up a whole new world filled with opportunity.

Do you dream of working in a foreign country? Maybe looking to change careers or even start your own business overseas?

Korean language offers some of the best opportunities for an exciting new career. If you are passionate about learning new languages, there is a great chance you'll discover a whole new realm of studies, with less competition and whole new plethora of opportunities to look forward to.

To show you just how important learning a new language really is and why you should get started today, here is what we have created 5 reasons why you should learn a new language.

1) Growth in Career opportunities

The job outlook in the language industry is positive. If you’re in love with Korean language and would like to make a career out of it, then you’ll be pleased to know that the industry has never been more lucrative than it is today.

The foreign relations between India and South Korea has been on increase ever since we've known. The opportunity to work in both countries have increased over time. 

As the number of foreign language speakers is growing and with the world economy booming, there is a high demand for Korean language speaking professionals in warehouses, shops, and restaurants along with other fields; therefore multinational company employers are looking for people who can speak foreign languages.

  • Translators and interpreters - The demand for professional translators and interpreters for Korean language have always been there but since there isn't much supply backed by the demand there's huge scope in the field of translation and interpretation.

Employers see language as a critical factor in conducting business. That’s why they are willing to pay high salaries for candidates with experience or qualification in languages.

These language professionals work in different fields, from tutoring to translating.

  • Teaching Jobs - You can apply and act like a Korean instructor. It also offers the opportunity to develop your Korean language ability as you teach online/offline.

Many Korean companies also look for corporate trainers who can teach Korean language to their Indian staff. You can help a native Korean client or company staff improve their relations with English-speaking colleagues or help Indian clients/customers understand the challenging aspects of the Korean language. Finding a job in this area shouldn't be challenging in India.

  • Educational benefits - Students must be aware about the advantages of foreign languages in jobs. It is also known as career language.

There are many companies and industries that have demand for Korean language speakers. The money and job security are also increased if you're bilingual or multilingual.

If you study a foreign language in College or University, this will give you an extra advantage in the job market compared to your fellow graduates with only a degree in social science or humanities.

This will also open new doors for choosing South Korea as the destination for future studies.

  • Work in Korean Companies - Many large Korean companies such as LG, Samsung, POSCO, Hyundai, Lotte etc. are already strong in Indian market and more and more small and medium scale companies are entering Indian cities. These companies prefer to hire people who how to speak Korean language along with other skills.

You cannot win over the current market scenario if you don't consider the world as your working place. Borders are diminishing. Learning another man's native language is the key to efficient communication.

 More and more teens are finding it difficult to find jobs while the unemployment rate is high. Employers prefer applicants with Korean language skills such as foreign language.

This could be an opportunity for you to win scholarships and prizes by improving or expanding your Korean language skill.

  • IT, Call centers, BPO, KPO - Many multinational companies are moving their support and customer care operations to India. Korean Language skills can be utilized in call centers to handle business for overseas clients in the Korean markets.

korean jobs in india

2) Increase creative and cognitive ability of the brain

Polyglots are generally more confident and better decision makers. Learning a new language also improves cognitive ability of the brain and increases creativity.

On the other hand, gaining knowledge about new languages can help us to get a job, because knowing foreign languages can add extra value for those who are seeking jobs in the world today.

Learning Korean language is not just about communication. It’s about your own personality and development of creative thinking.

3) Connect to a population of 51.7 million people 

Do you want to expand your career opportunities and work, travel or hook up with new people from different countries?

While you may not get fluent overnight, taking the time to learn a Korean language can open doors and make your resume that much more desirable.

The ability to speak another language shows sound dedication, discipline, and passion. Korean language allows you to enjoy new opportunities and connect with a population of 80 million : their business specialists, clientele, hotels, and tourism.

The experience offered by getting to know another culture is virtually impossible for those unable to speak the native language.

4) Travel and tourism 

 If you plan to travel or work in South Korea, some necessary conversation skills can be convenient.

South Korea is becoming one of their popular tourist destinations among Indians due to growing Hallyu wave (popularity of K-Drama and K-Pop). Also lakhs of Korean tourists visit India every year and there is a great demand for Korean language guides and travel planners.

5) Change in perspective and Worldview

Learning and speaking Korean language is an exciting journey and one in which plenty of benefits come with it. It doesn’t just help you when traveling the world either, it can also help you at work, in the community and beyond.

There are several of the benefits that learning Korean language will bring for you both today and for your future. Languages make societies open minded especially when we learn something that is not part of our culture.

The best part about having Korean language at your disposal are the new perspectives it puts you in. You’ll see how your own language is structured, how your own culture has different norms and values than others. 

How hard it is to learn Korean language ?

Korea is one of the hardest languages to learn according to the statistics after Mandarin, Japanese and Arabic.

According to FSI research, roughly 4400 hours or say 3-5 years to achieve higher knowledge like TOPIK II Level V or VI of the Korean TOPIK test.

Unlike many Latin origin European languages such as French, Italian and Spanish etc. where English alphabets are the basic syllables used to frame words. Some words are somewhat interchangeably used in more than one language, so those are comparatively easy to learn in comparison to Korean.

It may seem challenging  to start learning everything from beginning with alphabets, pronunciation and nuances.

But because of the grammar and ways of framing sentences is similar to Indian languages so with enough reliable resources, it's pretty easy for any Indian to learn the Korean language much faster, quickly and effectively than any foreigner learning Korean.

Korean has many unique and fascinating cultural aspects, such as multiple speech levels, different grammar particles in the sentences, politeness levels, and honorific expressions.

It will undoubtedly take a few years to master.

Where to learn Korean in India ?

Knowing at least the basic Korean language is mandatory to get an opportunity to study or work in Korea, no matter what field you are in. But maybe you are in a city where there is no professional Korean language institute or university program available.

Or maybe you are already working or doing another professional course and don't have time to enroll in a full time course. Are you trying to self-study Korean online but feel stuck after a point?

Learning Korean Online through self-study is definitely possible.

If you are planning to go to Korea for higher study or for work or even if you are planning to make a career in Korean or Korea-related company in India, it's not easy to reach that level through just self-study.

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We provide online course which in many ways is better and more effective than even full-time Korean courses at universities and institutes.

One reason is that this course is developed and taught by people who are not only top level experts in Korean language but also are passionate about teaching Korean and helping learners like you achieve their dreams.

The course includes live classes conducted in a real-time environment and student-focused communicative teaching methodologies.

Conclusion :

Professionally, speaking the Korean language can be a great career asset in India and overseas markets.

While in most cases, higher academic qualifications and experience are the main factors that will convince companies to hire you.

The ability to speak good Korean has a better shot at being hired if a company has to pick one between nearly equal options.

We live in a global community where communication is often easier with others whose native language is different from ours.

Having knowledge of multiple languages is an asset to have and learning another language can even benefit your mind. You can open yourself up to many possibilities when traveling abroad and you can also use the language you learn while building new relationships with people around the world.

Learning a new language can be one of the most rewarding things to do. And the best part? It's never too late or early to learn.

Thank you. If you have any suggestions or questions. You can comment below.

Smriti Ekka

Smriti Ekka graduated in Commerce and Library science, and currently she is working as a content writer at TOPIK Guide website. She is a Korean language and culture enthusiast and has been working across multiple disciplines which broadly addresses narratives of similarities between Korean and Indian culture. Apart from being a content writer at TOPIK Guide she manages Annyeong India website and has had her pieces published in Learn Korean in India website as well. In her other life, she is a singer, rising entrepreneur, life enthusiast and a learner.

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  1. I am learning Korean, not writing bu speaking. Is there any exam or a test which will only test speaking skills for Korean? Topik is for both written and spoken Korean. Correct?

  2. Wow, I had no idea there were so many benefits to learning Korean in India in 2022! As someone who has always been interested in the culture, I find this post incredibly informative. I’m definitely considering enrolling in the LKI School of Korean Language to take advantage of their expert instructors and comprehensive program. Thanks for sharing!

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