V+아/어 주세요 [Korean grammar] 

 March 9, 2023

By  Uruba Kashish

Let's learn how to use "V+아/어 주세요 [Korean grammar]" and make some example sentences.

V+아/어 주세요 (Korean Grammar)


V+아/어 주세요 Korean grammar pattern is used to ask for a favour from someone.


아/어 주세요 grammar is used with verbs. The first step of ‘아/어 주세요’ conjugation is to remove ‘다’ from the basic form of the verb,

  • If there is a vowel ‘ㅏ’ or ‘ㅗ’ in the stem, ‘주세요’ is used. 
  • If the vowel in the stem is other than ‘ㅏ or ㅗ’, then ‘어 주세요’ is used. 
  • When the verb ends with 하, the form changes to '해 주세요'. 

So let's take a verb 사다 (to buy). if you remove 다 from 사다, 사 (stem) is left. And then, look at the last vowel. So in the 사, the last vowel is 아.

According to the conjugation rule, if the last vowel of stem is 아, we add 아 주세요.

so it becomes 사 주세요.


  • 이태원 가 주세요. Please take me to Itaewon.
  • 문 좀 열어 주세요. Please open the door.
  • 볼펜 좀 빌려 주세요. Please lend me a ballpoint pen.

Tip: Adding 좀 before 주세요 makes the speech more polite.


There are some exceptional cases as well:

  1. 듣다 = 들어 주다 (ㄷ irregular conjugation)
  2. 돕다 = 도와 주다 (ㅂ irregular)
  3. 자르다 = 잘라 주다 (ㄹ irregular)
  4. 짓다 = 지어 주다 (ㅅ irregular)
  5.  쓰다 = 써 주다  (으 disappears)

Uruba Kashish

URUBA KASHISH is a Korean language instructor at LKI. She has a passion for Korean language educational content development and helping Korean language learners.

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