Phrases for Hospital or Medical in Korean 

 August 20, 2023

By  Uruba Kashish

진료를 받고 싶어요.

I want to see a doctor/get a treatment.

여기 영어 하는 의사 가 있어요?

Is there an English-speaking doctor here?

어떻게 오셨어요?

What brings you here today?

열이 나요?

i have a fiver.

머리가 아파요

i have a headache.

목이 아파요

i have a sore throat.

배가 앞아요

i have a stomachache.

소화가 안 돼요

i have indigestion.

감기 걸렸어요

i have a cold.

발목을 삐었어요

i sprained my ankle.

화상을 입었어요

i have a burn.

설사 해요

i have a diarrhea.

몸이 안 좋아요

I am not feeling well.

진통제를 먹고 있어요

i take a painkiller

이 약을 어떻게 복용하죠/먹어요?

how do I take this medicine?

건강보험이 있어요

i have a health insurance.

진단서를 받을 수 있어요?

can i get a diagnosis report?

몸 에 힘이 없고 입맛도 없어요.

i feel weak and do not feel like eating.

회복하려면 어느 정도 걸립니까?

how long will it take until i recover?

Uruba Kashish

URUBA KASHISH is a Korean language instructor at LKI. She has a passion for Korean language educational content development and helping Korean language learners.

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