Phrases for Hospital or Medical in Korean 

 August 20, 2023

By  Uruba Kashish

진료를 받고 싶어요.

I want to see a doctor/get a treatment.

여기 영어 하는 의사 가 있어요?

Is there an English-speaking doctor here?

어떻게 오셨어요?

What brings you here today?

열이 나요?

i have a fiver.

머리가 아파요

i have a headache.

목이 아파요

i have a sore throat.

배가 앞아요

i have a stomachache.

소화가 안 돼요

i have indigestion.

감기 걸렸어요

i have a cold.

발목을 삐었어요

i sprained my ankle.

화상을 입었어요

i have a burn.

설사 해요

i have a diarrhea.

몸이 안 좋아요

I am not feeling well.

진통제를 먹고 있어요

i take a painkiller

이 약을 어떻게 복용하죠/먹어요?

how do I take this medicine?

건강보험이 있어요

i have a health insurance.

진단서를 받을 수 있어요?

can i get a diagnosis report?

몸 에 힘이 없고 입맛도 없어요.

i feel weak and do not feel like eating.

회복하려면 어느 정도 걸립니까?

how long will it take until i recover?

Uruba Kashish

Uruba Kashish completed her schooling in Commerce, bachelor's in English literature& Education. Currently doing her Masters in Translation studies (MATS). She is working as a Educational content writer with reputed websites like LKI, Annyeong India & TOPIK Guide. She is a Korean language and culture enthusiast and has been working across multiple disciplines which broadly addresses narratives of similarities between Korean and Indian culture. Apart from being a content writer at LKI, she is a Korean language Instructor at LKI. She manages Annyeong India website as Creative Head and has had her pieces published in TOPIK GUIDE website as well. In her other life, she is a rising entrepreneur, life enthusiast and a learner and is involved with multiple Korean-Indian projects. We are a team of passionate researchers from Seoul National University specializing in Korean language and linguistics. We are committed to helping international students prepare for the TOPIK test. You can connect with us.

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