15 Helpful Personality Words in Korean To Describe Yourself 

 November 15, 2022

By  Akshita Agarkar

Humans have unique personality traits. Let’s learn how to describe them in Korean with the help of adjectives. 

Personality Words In Korean 

                  • 내성적인 사람 – Introvert

                  • 외향적인 사람 – Extrovert

                  • 양향 성격 – Ambivert

                  • 성숙하다 – Mature

                  • 낙관적인 사람 – Optimistic person

                  • 비관적인 사람 – Pessimistic person

                  • 야심 있는 사람 – Ambitious person

                  • 겸손한 사람 – Humble person

                  • 보수적인 사람 – Conservative person

                  • 진보적인 사람 – Progressive person

                  • 마음이 넓은 사람 – Open minded person

                  • 이해심/배려심 있다 – Considerate

                  • 인내심 있는 사람 – A patience person

                  • 책임감이 있는 사람 – A responsible person

                  • 자신감이 있는 사람 – A confident person

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Akshita Agarkar

Akshita Agarkar graduated from Journalism and Mass Communication while working as a Freelance Content Writer. Currently, she is working with Learn Korean In India as a Content Manager and a Teaching assistant. She is a Korean linguist and culture enthusiast who loves to read linguistics, listen to old-school music, and jam on it.

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