Common Phrases to Use in Salon in Korean 

 April 30, 2023

By  Uruba Kashish

염색 해주세요.

ROMANIZATION: Yumsek haejuseyo.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: I’d like to dye my hair

스타일링만 해주세요.

ROMANIZATION: Seutaeellingman haejuseyo.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: I only want my hair styled.

앞머리 잘라 주세요.

ROMANIZATION: Apmuhri jalla juseyo.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Please cut my bangs.

어떤 헤어스타일을 추천하세요?

ROMANIZATION: Eotteon heeoseutaireul chucheonhaseyo?

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: What kind of hairstyle do you recommend?

머리를 펴 주실 수 있을까요?

ROMANIZATION: Meorireul pyeo jusil su isseulkkayo?

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Could you straighten my hair?

좀 더 잘라 주실래요?

ROMANIZATION: Jom deo jalla jusillaeyo?

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Could you cut a little bit more?

다듬기만 해주세요.

ROMANIZATION: Dadeumgiman haejuseyo.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: I would just like a trim.

면도도 해 주세요.

ROMANIZATION: Myeondodo hae juseyo.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Can I also have a shave?

머릿결이 상했는데, 손질이 가능한가요?

ROMANIZATION: Meoritgyeori sanghaenneunde, sonjiri ganeunghangayo?

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: My hair is damaged. Can I have it fixed?

커트와 드라이를 하고 싶어요.

ROMANIZATION: Keoteuwa deuraireul hago sipeoyo.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: I'd like a cut and blow-dry.

다른 헤어 스타일을 보여줄 수 있나요?

ROMANIZATION: Dareun heeo seutaireul boyeojul su innayo?

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Can you show me different hairstyles?

스트레이트 하고 싶어요.

ROMANIZATION: seu-teu-re-teu ha-go sip-eoyo.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: I want my hair straight.

파마 자연스럽게 해 주세요.

ROMANIZATION: ja-yeon-seu-reup-ge hae joo-se-yo

ENLGISH TRANSLATION: A natural-looking perm, please

조금만 다듬어 주세요

ROMANIZATION: jo-geum-man da-deum-uh joo-se-yo

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Trim a little, please.

머리 잘라 주세요

ROMANIZATION: meo-ri jal-la joo-se-yo


Cut my hair, please.

예약이 없는데요, 오늘 가능 할까요?

ROMANIZATION: Yeyagi eomneundeyo, oneul ganeung halkkayo?

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: I don't have an appointment. Do you have time today?

예약해야 돼요?

ROMANIZATION: Yeyakhaeya dweyo?

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Do I need to make an appointment?

이 사진처럼 해 줄 수 있어요?

ROMANIZATION: I sajincheoreom hae jul su isseoyo?

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Can you make it look like this picture ?

대충 몇 시쯤 끝날까요?

ROMANIZATION: Daechung myeon sijjeum kkeunnalkkayo?

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Around what time will we be finished?

헤어 스타일리스트와 얘기하고 싶은데요.

ROMANIZATION: He-eo seutailliseuteuwa yaegihago sipeundeyo.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: I need to speak to the hairdresser.

Uruba Kashish

Uruba Kashish completed her schooling in Commerce, bachelor's in English literature& Education. Currently doing her Masters in Translation studies (MATS). She is working as a Educational content writer with reputed websites like LKI, Annyeong India & TOPIK Guide. She is a Korean language and culture enthusiast and has been working across multiple disciplines which broadly addresses narratives of similarities between Korean and Indian culture. Apart from being a content writer at LKI, she is a Korean language Instructor at LKI. She manages Annyeong India website as Creative Head and has had her pieces published in TOPIK GUIDE website as well. In her other life, she is a rising entrepreneur, life enthusiast and a learner and is involved with multiple Korean-Indian projects. We are a team of passionate researchers from Seoul National University specializing in Korean language and linguistics. We are committed to helping international students prepare for the TOPIK test. You can connect with us.

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