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LKI Korean Language Workshop - Day 2 Recording

Korean Syllable Structure

Patchim - Pronunciation

Reading Practice Sheet

Hangeul Pronunciation - Consonants

Hangeul Pronunciation - Vowels

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Vocabulary List for Cafe and Restaurant in Korean

ENGLISHKOREANrestaurant식당/음식점beef소고기Chicken stewed with vegetables & soy sauce.닭찜Beef-rib stew갈비찜Barbecued beef dishes불고기Bacon베이컨pork돼지고기steak스테이크Ham햄Chicken닭고기Sausage소시지Rice cooked with bean sprouts콩나물 밥 Rice with red-beans팥밥


Vocabulary List for Nature in Korean



Vocabulary List for Travelling in Korean

Korean vocabulary list for travellingENGLISHKOREANTour guide관광 가이드Map지도Ticket표Money돈Cash현금Busan city부산Bridge다리Market시장sea바다Gangneung City강릉Light House등대Beach해변Moiuntain산Seoul city서울Jeju Island제주도Island섬yeosu city여수Gyeongju city경주To book an accommodation숙소를 예약하다Baggage,