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LKI Korean Language Workshop - Day 1 Recording

Day 1 Presentation PDF - Hangeul

Hangeul Writing Worksheet

Hangeul Writing & Pronunciation - Video

Hangeul Pronunciation - Consonants

Hangeul Pronunciation - Vowels

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Let's learn how to use "Adjective + 아/어지다 [Korean grammar]" and make some example sentences. Adj+아/어지다 Korean Grammar USE: Adjective


Vocabulary List for Travelling in Korean

Korean vocabulary list for travellingENGLISHKOREANTour guide관광 가이드Map지도Ticket표Money돈Cash현금Busan city부산Bridge다리Market시장sea바다Gangneung City강릉Light House등대Beach해변Moiuntain산Seoul city서울Jeju Island제주도Island섬yeosu city여수Gyeongju city경주To book an accommodation숙소를 예약하다Baggage,


V+아/어 주세요 [Korean grammar]

Let's learn how to use "V+아/어 주세요 [Korean grammar]" and make some example sentences.V+아/어 주세요 (Korean Grammar)USE:V+아/어 주세요 Korean