Top 10 Excellent Websites to Learn Korean in 2022 

 May 23, 2022

By  Akshita Agarkar

Back in 2007, it was extremely difficult to find a good website to start studying Korean. However, it is completely the opposite scenario now.

There are too many good websites and you as a beginner do not know which one to go with. We understand that and hence we have made a list of the top 10 websites to learn Korean in 2022. 


Koreanclass101 is one of the early resources students used back when there were not many study materials that are present on the internet today.

They released short videos on their website and Youtube channel and later turned into many lives, mostly about letting students know they have somebody to learn with. Hence lives were all about interacting with people. 


Another one which gave students a hope of learning Korean back in the days was Talk To Me In Korean.

Fun fact, did you know the founder of TTMIK, Mr. Son Hyun-Woo was going to make a website called Talk to me in English for Koreans who wanted to learn English as he was really good at it.

However, later seeing that there are not many platforms that teach his native language, he came up with this idea of turning it into a Korean language learning website.

At first he started releasing lessons one by one in terms of podcasts with his friend, Ms. Choi Kyeong-un back in 2007. And now they have covered mostly every grammar from beginner to advanced.

They have grammar from level 1 to level 10 as distinguished by them.


Go Billy! Korean is rather handled by a foreigner magnificently who started his Korean journey on his own. At one point, when there were a few above-mentioned channels and websites, he also thought of adding one of his own.

On Go Billy! Korean, he mostly covers grammar on his Youtube channel however the mention of every video is on the website.

Rather, there is another brilliant website which he started first and still is considered one of the first websites to start learning Korean. 


The website we were discussing in the above point was none other than How to study Korean. This website is also considered one of the exceptional for mastering Korean. It has all the grammar patterns explained very well. 

Not only that, it also has Hanja (한자). It means the Chinese characters which are still used in the Korean language today and learning them can be beneficial for you, especially if you are an intermediate student. 


90 day Korean is a brilliantly formed website which is stronger in the vocabulary sense. They have almost all the words based on each set of topics.

Along with these vocabulary, they also give grammar lessons and fun Korean blogs which will help you in learning the language through K-drama and K-pop. 


Learn Korean in India is a website started in the pandemic years back in 2020 and since then it has gathered a mass audience not only from India as the name suggests, but also from all over the world.

The website has information about classes from level 1 to level 6. They have covered everything from scratch like, from Hangul (Korean alphabets) to intermediate grammar.


FluentU is another good website that helps students to learn Korean mostly through Korean dramas. 

They show clips from K-dramas with Korean subtitles and then break it down for the students. This is a paid feature, however, they also have free resources wherein they post tips and tricks of acquiring the language. 


Dom & Hyo is yet another website wherein you will find everything from scratch. It was founded by Dom (Dominic) and Hyo Sun, a couple living in Incheon to help outsiders learn Korean.

They have an e-book that helps you learn Hangul. Apart from that, the website is filled with numerous vocabulary collections. 


Talking2Koreans is a different website as they mostly focus on listening activity. They provide you audios and pdf containing the transcript of the same and you can easily practice repetitive listening practice through it. 


TopikGuide is a website created so wonderfully for the students who wish to pass the TOPIK exam. TOPIK stands for Test of Proficiency in Korean language.

It is a worldwide recognized exam for proving your Korean language skills. If you want to study or work in Korea, you should have the TOPIK certificate which is issued from NIIED Korea.

TOPIK GUIDE website provides mock tests for students and also advanced grammar required for the same exam. It is rare to find resources for upper intermediate and advanced students.

Not only that, but they also have resources like the TOPIK Self-study course which can help you to pass the TOPIK I and TOPIK II exam.

To conclude, these were the top 10 websites to learn Korean in 2022. If you have any other website or resources you use to study, please mention it in the comments below. We would love to hear that.


Akshita Agarkar

Akshita Agarkar graduated from Journalism and Mass Communication while working as a Freelance Content Writer. Currently, she is working with Learn Korean In India as a Content Manager and a Teaching assistant. She is a Korean linguist and culture enthusiast who loves to read linguistics, listen to old-school music, and jam on it.

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